Hello all.  I'm getting my first Amanda server running on Centos 7 and have a 
few questions:

- Centos is packaged with 3.3.3   Is that good enough or should I build 3.5?
- the server will use only disks, no tapes.   10TB, mostly all devoted to /home 
(though I could repartition)
- I believe I still use vtapes and a holding disk, even though they'll all just 
be directories on the main partition.  sound right?
- I follow the instructions at 
https://wiki.zmanda.com/index.php/GSWA/Build_a_Basic_Configuration but when 
running amcheck get the error:
               can not stat /var/lib/Amanda/gnutar-lists
- indeed there is no file present there.  any ideas?


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