It's with some shame that I must admit that through the long years of using
amanda I've never really played with the bump* parameters for DLEs!

I'm now in a situation that might benefit from some tuning using those
to aggressively encourage bumping the gnutar incremental levels.  The
drawback of potentially needing more tapes for recovery is not really a
constraint for me.

I have a DLE (~5TB) for which the estimates are done on the server --
the client, a NAS/filer, doesn't support anything else, so the DLE usage
info is really just from the historical usage not the current one. Any
ideas/hints on how should I proceed from what is currently (default
values I guess) configured?

bumppercent         20
bumpsize            20480K
bumpdays            1
bumpmult            4.00000

Would setting bumpdays to higher values (2 or 3 days) pull in the
direction I want to go?

Since bumppercent != 0, bumpsize is ignored from the man page, so I
guess the only important parameter left is bumppercent. Should I
increase it or decrease it?  I'm having a hard time understanding what
the doc says for amanda.conf says...


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