The code around sender warnings due to banned content is somewhat peculiar.

For many constant confvars like $final_banned_destiny there are more
generic confvars like %final_destiny_maps_by_ccat. The latter, as many
other maps, is by recipient at some point. The map %warnsender_by_ccat
is not. Its use is marked as deprecated, and it is not a clean
generalization of $warnbannedsender. The combination of

> $warnbannedsender = 1;
> $final_banned_destiny = D_DISCARD;
internally forces $final_banned_destiny to D_BOUNCE. One needs to know
that for usage of %final_destiny_maps_by_ccat.

As for the custom templates, the confvar %notify_sender_templ_by_ccat is
also not per recipient, so your only chance to create recipient based
sender notifications seems to be via macro expansion inside a common
template for all recipients.

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