New Media Scotland presents

Takuji Kogo & Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries

The Arches, Glasgow
17th & 18th March 2004

Catch a sneak preview of Halbeath at

A lament for a failed globalism. Halbeath shows at the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow.

The South Korean company Hyundai started construction of a microchip manufacturing plant at Halbeath near Dunfermline in 1996, at the time hailed as the biggest inward investment in Scotland. Completion was delayed by the subsequent Asian financial crisis. In 2000, US mobile phone manufacturer Motorola re-started construction. Motorola left in 2001 and the factory remains closed.

Takuji Kogo created Halbeath with help from Korean artist Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries. Images of a mobile phone handset combine with a popular song from the Japanese occupation of Korea during World War II. The failed hopes of Korean industry under globalisation are traced back to their roots in post-war reconstruction. For a second 're-mix' of Halbeath, Takuji Kogo examines the impact on the locals. He overlays images of the abandoned factory with the tune from a 17th century traditional Scottish song, The False Bride.

Takuji Kogo developed the work during a residency at New Media Scotland, part of the project Art In The Home, at locations across Edinburgh. The exhibition as part of the National Review of Live Art is the work's first showing in Scotland.

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