On 16/08/16 09:35 AM, Mario Kleiner wrote:
> Hi Michel,
> sorry for the super-late reply, i was just catching up with all the
> mails and discussions, starting in June, leading to this patch set.
> Looks all pretty good.
> I'll look at this radeon patch and 2/6 for amdgpu later this week when i
> have a fresh brain and enough "obsessive compulsive time", to make sure
> all the magic wrt. "virtually extended vblank" and the fudging logic is
> fine.


> I'll then also run it through my timing tests. I assume the
> ati/amdgpu-ddx patches and libdrm patches in your freedesktop home are
> all i need for testing?

Yes, although it would also be nice to test with unmodified userspace
and make sure there are no regressions with that.

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