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Subject: Re: [PATCH 0/3] drm/amdgpu: implement raster configuration

On 18/09/16 11:36 AM, Huang Rui wrote:
Hi all,

This patch set is to introduce the raster configuration for all gfx
What's the motivation for doing this in the kernel? Mesa will write its
own values to these registers anyway.
It's to fix the read register ioctl interface.  The raster config registers can 
be read back by the UMDs, but if the KMD hasn't programmed them, they may have 
bogus values.  It's mainly for the pro drivers which read the raster config 
registers to get the baseline before programming them.  Mesa hardcodes the 
default raster config settings before harvesting.  We arguably should have done 
it in the kernel as well for mesa (my bad).  At least this way both sides are 
doing the right thing.

Yeah, I wondered before as well why we don't do this in the kernel. What was the reason to move it into Mesa?

The patchset itself is Acked-by: Christian König <>.


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