Am 21.09.2016 um 11:56 schrieb Michel Dänzer:

Looks like there are different interpretations of the semantics of
exclusive vs. shared fences. Where are these semantics documented?

Yeah, I think as well that this is the primary question here.

IIRC the fences were explicitly called exclusive/shared instead of writing/reading on purpose.

I absolutely don't mind switching to them to writing/reading semantics, but amdgpu really needs multiple writers at the same time.

So in this case the writing side of a reservation object needs to be a collection of fences as well.

FWIW, we seem to have the same issue with radeon vs. amdgpu: radeon only
seems to wait for exclusive fences, so e.g. running Xorg on amdgpu and
using PRIME slave scanout on radeon leaves artifacts.

Yeah, I know. See radeon_display.c radeon_flip_work_func().

We pretty much need the same patch here I've done for amdgpu as well.

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