Marek Olšák wrote:
This breaks Tonga such that it hangs. Reproducible quickly with:

R600_DEBUG=testdma glxgears

It's a randomized test that runs forever. It should hang within 2 seconds.

So what is the status of this now?

R600_DEBUG=testdma glxgears isn't a test I've run on my r9285 tonga
until I, by luck, saw this.

On agddf 4.9-wip at post time it did hang/reboot after 2 seconds.

On every update since it's still hung though now it takes longer.

Todays update tested both on head and reset on to the drm-next tag
still hang.

Going back over older 4.9-wips it's one built on 26th August that is
the first not to hang.

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