On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 8:48 PM, Dave Airlie <airl...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Aren't there only 2 possibilities for this regression?
>>> 1/ a memtype entry was never made so track_pfn_insert() returns an
>>> uncached mapping
>>> 2/ a conflicting memtype entry exists and undefined behavior due to
>>> mixed mapping types is avoided with the change.
>> 3/ The CPU usage through this path goes up, and slows things down,
>> though I suspect you it's more an uncached mapping showing up
>> when we don't expect it.
> It's looking line number 1, there is no mapping, now we get uncached
> where we used to get write through.
> difference in page prot 7f7bbc0e0000, pfn 20000000000e71e4,
> 8000000000000037, 800000000000002f
> 0x2f is the vma pg prot which has PWT set in it, 0x37 is the returned
> pgprot which lacks that bit.
> not sure where to go from here, suggestions?

If the driver established an ioremap_wt() across the range, or just
called reserve_memtype() directly that should restore WT mappings.

Although Daniel's suggestion to use the i915 mapping helpers sounds
like it avoids problem 3/ as well.
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