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In this case shouldn't we write seq-1 before any work, and then
seq after work, like what is done in Mesa?
No. This hw workaround requires that two consecutive write
happen directly behind each other on the PCIe bus with two
Well to be honest the workaround code in Mesa seems to not be
in this way ...
Mesa doesn't have any workaround for that hw issue, the code there
a quite different approach.
Ah? Commit bf26da927a1c ("drm/amdgpu: add cache flush workaround to
gfx8 emit_fence") says "Both PAL and Mesa use it for gfx8 too, so port
this commit to gfx_v8_0_ring_emit_fence_gfx", so maybe the workaround
should just be not necessary here?

What I meant was that Mesa doesn't have a hack like writing seq - 1 and then seq.

I haven't checked the code, but it uses a different approach with 64bit values as far as I know.

To make the software logic around that work without any changes
the values seq - 1 and seq because those are guaranteed to be
and not trigger any unwanted software behavior.

Only then we can guarantee that we have a coherent view of system
Any more details about it?
No, sorry. All I know is that it's a bug in the cache flush logic
can be worked around by issuing two write behind each other to the
So the issue is that the first EOP write does not properly flush the
cache? Could EVENT_WRITE be used instead of EVENT_WRITE_EOP in this
workaround to properly flush it without hurting the fence value?

No, EVENT_WRITE is executed at a different time in the pipeline.

Well to be honest on a platform where even two consecutive writes to
same location doesn't work I would have strong doubts that it is
in general.
Well I think the current situation is that the IRQ triggered by the
second EOP packet arrives before the second write is finished, not the
second write is totally dropped.

Well that sounds like the usual re-ordering problems we have seen patches for on Loongson multiple times now.

And I can only repeat what I've wrote before: We don't accept workarounds in drivers for problems cause by severely platform issues.

Especially when that is clearly against any PCIe specification.



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