The ROCm documentation is probably a good place to start:


From: amd-gfx <> on behalf of Ming Yang 
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 12:00 AM
Subject: Documentation about AMD's HSA implementation?


I'm interested in HSA and excited when I found AMD's fully open-stack ROCm 
supporting it. Before digging into the code, I wonder if there's any 
documentation available about AMD's HSA implementation, either book, 
whitepaper, paper, or documentation.

I did find helpful materials about HSA, including HSA standards on this page 
( and a nice book about HSA 
(Heterogeneous System Architecture A New Compute Platform Infrastructure). But 
regarding the documentation about AMD's implementation, I haven't found 
anything yet.

Please let me know if there are ones publicly accessible. If no, any 
suggestions on learning the implementation of specific system components, e.g., 
queue scheduling.

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