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Thanks for testing.

What do you mean with broken video? I tried going back in the email thread but 
I'm not 100% clear what you mean by this.

BTW, drm-fixes-4.16 are fixes we intend to get into the 4.16 upstream kernel. 
amd-staging-drm-next is our development tree and quite a bit farther ahead in 
development. I'm trying to find fixes to backmerge to 4.16 to make everyone 
happy when it releases.

Like on those screenshots


To describe it better, lets split the screen into 4 segments

|  A  |  B  |
|  C  |  D  |

The screen resolution kicks in as it should, 1080p, then A displays proper part of screen, around 25%, then B contain a copy of what A displays, so the same 25% of top-left part of screen, then C and D remain black, if I scroll the screen a bit, C and D an get a bold vertical line of whatever color was on screen, if I had a white/gray font, it will be it, if there was some blue text, it will be blue until I scroll a bit more.

drm-fixes-4.16 yield the same effect as amd-staging-drm-next without 0001-drm-amd-display-Fix-takeover-from-VGA-mode.patch, but it seems that htis patch is already in drm-fixes-4.16 so I am confused.

-- Piotr.
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