On Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 08:11:40PM +0100, Christian K??nig wrote:
> This set of patches adds an option invalidate_mappings callback to each
> DMA-buf attachment which can be filled in by the importer.
> This callback allows the exporter to provided the DMA-buf content
> without pinning it. The reservation objects lock acts as synchronization
> point for buffer moves and creating mappings.
> This set includes an implementation for amdgpu which should be rather
> easily portable to other DRM drivers.

Bunch of higher level comments, and one I've forgotten in reply to patch

- What happens when a dma-buf is pinned (e.g. i915 loves to pin buffers
  for scanout)?

- pulling the dma-buf implementations into amdgpu makes sense, that's
  kinda how it was meant to be anyway. The gem prime helpers are a bit too
  much midlayer for my taste (mostly because nvidia wanted to bypass the
  EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL of core dma-buf, hooray for legal bs). We can always
  extract more helpers once there's more ttm based drivers doing this.

Overall I like, there's some details to figure out first.
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