GFX9 will not be supported.

Jian-Rong Jin

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Hey Jian-Rong,

Will gfx9 get support from KMD and LLPC by the time gfx10 releases, or is it 
only going to be a gfx10-and-forward feature?

If not, is there something missing in gfx9 hardware? Are you allowed to say?


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Hi Jakub。
Both KMD and LLPC are not ready to support NGG for gfx9. We are going to 
support NGG in amdvlk for next generation GPU.

Jian-Rong JIN

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Subject: Making a GDS Allocation for NGG

Hi folks,

I was trying to play around with NGG on Vega using the open source AMDVLK stack.
After fetching all the code, I disabled an override in PAL, under 
gfx9SettingsLoader.cpp that disables the NGG setting. I've put a new option in 
amdPalSettings.cfg: `NggMode,7` and that was enough to enable it.

When I ran a small vulkan application, it crashed with a "Not implemented" 
error in Pal::Linux::Device::AllocateGds. The comment there says:

    // TODO: implement it once amdgpu is ready.

I couldn't find anything specific to GDS allocation in upstream kernel, so I 
looked at agd5f/amd-staging-drm-next and found some code related to 
AMDGPU_GEM_DOMAIN_GDS and allocating a bo object. This is in 
amdgpu_gem_create_ioctl, so I think it's accessible to userspace, with a small 
change in libdrm, probably.

Is this what is needed to make a GDS allocation that NGG would accept, or is it 
unrelated? Do you know if there are any other blockers for NGG besides this?

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