Add definitions to clarify GPU virtual memory.

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       End Of Pipe/Pipeline
+    GART
+      Graphics Address Remapping Table.  This is a GPUVM page table that maps
+      system resources (memory or MMIO space) into the GPU's address space so
+      the GPU can access them.  In the GPU kernel driver's virtual address
+      space is referred to as the GART for legacy reasons going back to AGP
+      and the early GPU remapping hardware.
       Graphics and Compute
       Graphic Memory Controller
+    GPUVM
+      GPU Virtual Memory.  The GPU supports multiple virtual address spaces
+      that can be in flight at any given time.  These allow the GPU to remap
+      VRAM and system resources into GPU virtual address spaces for use by
+      the GPU kernel driver and applications using the GPU.  These provide
+      memory protection for different applications using the GPU.
+    GTT
+      Graphics Translation Tables.  This is a memory pool managed through TTM
+      which provides access to system resources (memory or MMIO space) for
+      use by the GPU. These addresses can be mapped into the GART GPUVM page
+      table for use by the kernel driver or into per process GPUVM page tables
+      for application usage.
       Interrupt Handler

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