> Who of you is using which target controller?

I use AVR atmega328p, atmega1284p, atmega2560

> Can we get rid of the Atmel/Microchip Avrasm Assembler?

Unless AmForth/avr8 can be ported to gnu assembly, no. I would imagine
that would be a lot of work and wine does run it very well.

Having "fuller" hex files in the distribution that have assembly words
like bm-clear, bm-set, sleep, spirw, wdr, store-wdc already, would
delay the need to build AmForth. AVR flash and ram are not the limited
resource they once were. It might be worth updating the documentation
to say which hex files are available.

> Would it be feasible to drop msp430, arm, risc-v in order to simplify
> the whole thing? yes/no?

I think that depends on the collective response to the first question.

> amforth-shell.py and python3

amforth-shell.py is a great tool for AmForth. I have modified it to
run under python3 and it works well for me. I will put up a patch but
it really needs testing in a python os/environment other than mine.

> ticket system or mailing list ?

I would prefer a mailing list. 

Thank you Erich for AmForth Weekend #1 - I look forward to #2

Best wishes,

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