Herman I get an error when I put this inta amibroker. Anyone else have a 
problem. get back.

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  function HullMaFunction( P, Periods, Delay )
  X = 2 * WMA(P,round(Periods/2)) - WMA(P,Periods);
  HullMA = WMA(X,round(sqrt(Periods)));
  HullMA = Ref(HullMA,-Delay);
  return HullMa;

  PlotPriceField = ParamToggle("PriceField","HIDE|SHOW",1);
  P = ParamField("Price field",-1);
  Periods = Param("Periods", 15, 2, 200, 1, 10 );
  Delay = Param("Delay", 0, 0, 10, 1 );
  HullMA = HullMaFunction( P, Periods, Delay );
  if( PlotPriceField ) Plot(C,"",1,128);
  Plot( HullMA, _DEFAULT_NAME(), ParamColor( "Color", colorCycle ),
  ParamStyle("Style") );

  This (or something close to it) was posted on this list not too long ago, I
  am not using this formula personally.


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  Maybe we can go on this thread on amibroker-ts and merge it with the thread
  "RE: [amibroker-ts] Re: Moving Average... one more again : )".

  It is an attempt to list different MA know here and there

  For now we got :
  - FIR : weighted MA (classic original MA with all weigths to one,
  triangular, etc...)
  - All classic IIR : EMA/DEMA/TEMA
  - The John Ehler's MA : Median Filter, Median-MA Difference Filter, Ehlers
  Filter, MAMA, FRAMA, Laguerre Filter adaptive or not adaptive
  - Others : T3, Jurik MA, Alan Hull's MA, KAMA, VIDYA

  As we are on MA, i just posted to the library an AFL a few days ago for
  Laguerre Adpative Filter from John Ehler's.

  Herman, i don't know Alan Hull's MA. I search it on the AFL list with "Alan
  Hull", "Allan" or "Hull" keywords... but return me nothing. Can you post the
  link please. Is it useful ? How based on your experience ? Thanks.

  It make me think that maybe if we can have the search option with the add
  option to search through the AFL code too and the people's remarks, will be
  more powerfull... this way we can find some code, or any remarks about a
  keyword... etc. I think this library is one of the powerfull thing for
  Amibroker so it can be more good with such search option.
  And maybe add the same but for script in VBS, Java (script or not) or C(++),
  etc..., so people can post utility function VBS or others that can greatly
  speed up creation of new AFL indicators containing script part.


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  Did you try the Tilson's T3 and Alan Hull's MA? Both are available in afl.

  Before buying and expensive formula you might want to try find a
  formula-owner who is willing to test it in "your" formula for you. Not all
  systems benefit from using a minimum lag indicator.

  Best regards,

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