Hello Everyone,

I believe, I have seen this question here itself or one of its forms. But given 
the "fantastic" search results of Yahoo groups, I am posting this once again.

Is there any method, to simulate multiple strategy on a portfolio level?For 
example, consider I want to use a trend following system for Cotton, Coffee, 
Copper, EuroDollars and FAZ. While, I want to "simultaneously" simulate a trend 
fading system for SPX,NDX and RYDER.

Is there any way to do it?

And very related to this stuff, the one possible way, I can think of is, using 
multithreaded programming. Is it possible? Interfacing say C# with Ami and 
handling the two strategies with their own money mgmt algos, and instruments 

It is to be reminded that, they draw their "juice"[$$$] from the same account.

Thanks, for any light on this

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