Konrad DeRuttie ([EMAIL PROTECTED]; Friday, November 15, 2002 3:57 PM):

> Hi All,

> I have a question about converting Analog's report into a Word or an Excel
> document. Any ideas how to do so? This is one of the features for which our
> marketing dept is considering buying Webtrends.

If you use OUTPUT COMPUTER in your Analog config, by default it will
write CSV files which you can load into Excel.

> Another "great" feature that WebTrends claims to have is resolving the AOL
> factor with the help of GeoTrends. Did anyone actually try this? Are they
> actually able to find out more IP info about the AOL user? I don't see how
> this is possible without having access to AOL's DCS.

Geographic IP databases are becoming very popular in stats programs.
They work better at resolving geographic locations than DNS lookups,
but they are still not perfect. In particular, AOL's proxy servers
(AFAIK) are not geographically arranged, so a user in California and
one in Maine could be using the same proxy servers and appear with the
same IP numbers.


Jeremy Wadsack
Wadsack-Allen Digital Group

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