The site is up, but there are problems:

* validating cohorts with "Expand cohort to all user’s accounts across
projects (via CentralAuth)" does not work.  There's a problem with the
database that I can't figure out right now.  If it looks like your cohort
should validate and it's not, it's probably not your fault, don't worry
about trying again, I'll send out an update if we figure it out.

* some reports seem to fail, but others work, again until we can say with
certainty we've fixed this database problem, it'll be hard to say what's

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 4:05 PM, Dan Andreescu <>

> I'm going to stop the Wikimetrics website and service because it's having
> some serious problems working with the databases to get data.  Most of the
> jobs it launches end up failing partially, which makes it hard for the user
> to know what's going on.
> I'll update this message once we can put it back up.
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