> My view had been informed by the documentation at
> https://dumps.wikimedia.org/other/pagecounts-ez/:
> Hourly page views per article for around 30 million article titles (Sept
>> 2013) in around 800+ Wikimedia wikis. Repackaged (with extreme shrinkage,
>> without losing granularity), corrected, reformatted. Daily files and two
>> monthly files (see notes below).
> Regarding the claim that pagecounts-ez has data back to when wikimedia
> started tracking pageviews, I'll point out another error in the
> documentation that may have led to that view. The documentation claims that
> data is available from 2007 onward:
>  From 2007 to May 2015: derived from Domas' pagecount/projectcount files
> However, if you check out the actual files (https://dumps.wikimedia.org/o
> ther/pagecounts-ez/merged/), you'll see that the pagecounts only go back
> to late 2011.

Ah, yes, but the projectcount files go back to 2007-12, that's where that
confusion comes from, we should clarify or generate the old data.  I'm not
sure whether this is easy, but I think it's fairly straightforward and I've
opened a task for it: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T188041 (we have a
lot of work in our backlog, though, so we probably won't be able to get to
this for a bit).
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