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> Well, you see, that's the thing. What I really want is a MapView
> embedded in a larger Activity where one half the screen is a
> (smallish) map and the other is an address and other details about the
> particular location of a marker on the map.

You didn't answer the question, but I'm going to assume "no" =)

MapView must be used inside a MapActivity. What you do besides that is up to

> Think of how the pushpins work in Yelp when you mouse over them. Except you
> don't want the text to appear on the map the way it does on Yelp because the
> user's hand
> obscures it.

Don't know about yelp, but pretty much all map-based apps (including my own)
show a small popup directly on the map screen above the icon that was

> My idea is that the user uses their left thumb to activate a pushpin and
> the relevant text appears on the right-side panel in a TextView. Naturally,
> right or left handedness would be a preferences setting. ;)

OK. That's perfectly doable with MapActivity. Just add the relevant view
before or after the MapView and deal with it like any other activity.

Although I would question the idea of using half the screen to the left or
right for this. Most phones are held vertically, meaning they're longer from
top to bottom than side-to-side. If you're going to split this narrow space
in half, it's going to look really strange. Splitting the screen vertically
would make more sense IMO.

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