For anyone else experiencing the same issue, see:

PS: I uninstalled 1.6u21 and re-installed 1.6u20, but then Eclipse
wouldn't start at all (JVM terminated error). Turns out you can't use
the x64 version of Java! What a PIA...

On Aug 3, 2:56 am, Kostya Vasilyev <> wrote:
> 1.6 update 21 indeed has an issue with Eclipse, was discussed recently
> either here or on android-developers. Either roll back, or use search.
> -- Kostya
> 03.08.2010 13:19, blindfold пишет:
> > I'm having the same problem with the latest r06 Android SDK and using
> > Java SDK 1.6.0_21 (C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21) and the latest
> > Eclipse updates on my Windows 7 64-bit system. It is a lot worse than
> > it was in the past (on the same PC) with older SDKs. I use Eclipse SDK
> > 3.6.0, build id I20100608-0911. Perhaps Java SDK 1.6.0_21 is "too new"
> > but I did no further testing. It is indeed very annoying and I have to
> > be continuously prepared for Eclipse locking up.
> > Regards
> > On Aug 3, 2:33 am, -DC-<>  wrote:
> >> I'm using Eclipse (eclipse-java-galileo-SR2-win32) with ADT rev 6 and
> >> have Java SDK 1.6.0_21 installed on my system. Eclipse locks up and/or
> >> crashes on me regularly while coding. I've lost unsaved code and even
> >> my Eclipse preferences before. It's maddening! Does anyone know what
> >> might be causing this?
> >> (I really wish Google would make an ADT plug-in for NetBeans...)
> --
> Kostya Vasilev -- WiFi Manager + pretty widget --

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