I have been working with Android O preview source code and have been 
studying its new build system, soong. 

I’m facing issue regarding conditional compilation of source files inside 
different directories based on value of environment variable.

Let’s say Android O-source code has two directories A and B. Each of the 
directories contain top level Android.bp inside them. I would like soong to 
conditionally compile sources in directory A or B depending up on the value 
of an environment variable $ENV_VARIABLE.

ENV_VARIABLE is not specified (null) or contains a string value.

If ENV_VARIABLE is not  null, Android.bp file in A should be compiled, 
otherwise Android.bp file in B should be compiled. 

Currently, both the Android.bp files in A and B are compiled with soong. 
So, we need soong to compile Android.bp file in A or B based on the value 


I tried the below approach :

1.       Added  My_struct struct { Srcs []string } to varaibleProperties in 

+   My_struct struct{

+                Srcs[]string

+                }
2.+ My_struct       *string `json:",omitempty to productVariables in 
3.Passed ENV_VARIABLE to My_struct in build/make/core/soong_config.mk

+   echo '    "My_struct": "$(ENV_VARIABLE)",'

I would like to change Android.bp in directory A in the following way so 
that whenever My_struct has a valid string, soong should compile sources 
specified in the subdirs field.

+               product_variables: {

+                   my_struct: {

+                       subdirs =[“../B”],

+                   },

+               },



But subdirs is not a property in .bp module. Can you please provide help on 
how to achieve this?


Thank You.


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