I have written a custom subclass of MatrixCursor which handles some
behind the scenes  data updates (from the network) asynchronously.
When new data has been added to the data store (not sqlite), the
MatrixCursor subclass calls onChange(true).   I have a dataSetObserver
registered as

        documentsCursor.registerDataSetObserver(new MapDataObserver());


        private class MapDataObserver extends DataSetObserver {

                public void onChanged(){
                        Log.v(TAG, "DataSetObserver onChanged()");



However, the MapDataObserver function onChanged() is never called, and
I've tested that execution of onChange(true) definitely happens.
What is missing here?  Why is MapDataObserver() never updated, and is
my understanding that calling onChange(true) on a cursor should update
it's registered DataObservers ?

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