Hello, First of all, excuse my english which is far from being perfect.

In order to avoir you to read this long message, I will be Direct :
When an Android application sends a large number of SMS, Android displays a 
confirmation request for sending SMS.

At what frequency ? at what threshold (number of SMS)? this confirmation is 
generated by android? I do not know if my question is clear or not. I will 
explain the context: I developed an application for Android that send SMS 
to a list of contacts I did some tests, everything is ok, sending goes well.
However, when the contact number exceeds a threshold, Android will 
automatically generate the following confirmation message: "Your 
Application is sending a large number of SMS messages. do you want to allow 
this app to continue sending messages?"
I understand that this is a security establishment to prevent certain app 
which send sms without our knowledge, 
However, this is inconvenient in my case because sending a broadcast 
requires user interaction (confirmation of dispatch) that can last long 
enough ... So I want to eliminate this interaction. I wish that the user 
choose the recipient list, and then click on "SEND" and it s ok. By doing 
some research, I saw that it was "Possible" to disable this security by 
changing a value in the sqlite database of the android system. So the 
device must be "rooted", I dont choose this solutions I am interested in 
another bypass more "legal", and I would like to have your support on this 
I think adding a temporisation mechanism while sending SMS from my 
application. For example, by counting the number of sent SMS, if that 
number exceeds a certain threshold then delaying sending for "n" seconds. 
so as to never cause the error.
To do this, I have to know in which frequency android generation the 
confirmation message.

Thank you.


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