I got an issue restoring the activity state after camera launches.

When I launch the camera from an activity for results, sometimes the app 
just terminates without indicating anything. After looking at logcat on 
these scenarios, I could find the following error.

E/OpenGLRenderer: SFEffectCache:clear(), mSize = 0

So far, this was occurred in samsung devices (Note 2 and S5) and only when 
using the camera.

I have handled savedInstance through onSaveInstanceState() and 
onRestoreInstanceState(). When this happens onRestoreInstanceState() never 
gets called.

This question has been asked in many occasions, but I couldn't find a 
proper answer.

I cannot figure out a proper solution. Right now I'm trying to use the 
camera directly without using the camera app through intent.

Please help.

Thank you.

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