We use managed In-app billing (IAB) in 3 apps. Sometimes there are reports 
from customers that they don't get the upgrade to full version, eventhough 
the apps are carefully tested on our test devices on Android 6 and 4.4.4. 
We test through alpha testing and we have not found any problems with 
upgrading. 2 of the apps have IAB version 3 and 1 have IAB version 5. It is 
the same problem. The apps are developed according to IAB guidelines. 

Why does this happen? Is there some problem with Google's servers, which 
causes these IAB errors, which prevents some customers from getting the 
upgrade? Has anyone else encountered the same issue?

This is a very serious issue for my company, since it results in bad 
reviews and lower rankings for the IAB apps. We can not use IAB in the 
upcoming apps, since it seems to be too unreliable. It is also very 
annoying that IAB seems to be more reliable on iOS. These are 2 other 
issues with IAB, which we still haven't found any solution to:


Here are the statistics about this issue:

app 1: 1215 sold upgrades, 2 complaints from customers who did not get the 

app 2: 94 sold upgrades, 2 complaints from customers who did not get the 

app 3: 122 sold upgrades, 4 complaints from customers who did not get the 

There could be more customers, who did not get the upgrade. The statistics 
are only for those who complained. 

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