We are a team of two students from Europe and we would like to present you 
our new free Android application *BirthdayBrain*. If you are interested, 
please give us some feedback below or directly comment on GooglePlay 


*The issue we want to solve*: *Frequently when a friend’s birthday comes 
you either forget it or even though you get reminded, you often don’t find 
time to congratulate the way you would like to*. 


Our App BirthdayBrain gives you the possibility to choose a convenient 
moment to personally draft your birthday wishes instead of congratulating 
on the actual birthday. You can do so easily prior to your family and 
friends’ actual birthday and your birthday wish will be sent automatically 
on your preferred platform, SMS or WhatsApp. The notification of the 
successful delivery reminds you again of their birthdays, your thoughts are 
with them once more and you can await the thank-you note at ease. 


We would to like to present you some features of BirthdayBrain (as well as 
print screens): 


★ Import date of birth from *FACEBOOK *

★ Import from *CONTACTS*: name, phone number and the date of birth if 

★ *List of birthdays* including profile images designed with the latest 
Android platform 
*The concept: clear presentation, concise and simple. *

★ *AUTOMATIC SENDING* of your personally drafted birthday wish with *SMS* 
or *WhatsApp* on birthday 

★  Easily change the default *sending time* of your SMS or WhatsApp message

★ *Preview screen:* gives you a summary of your birthday contact as well as 
birthday message and shows if the birthday wish is already sent 
successfully as SMS or WhatsApp message

★ Use as a *REMINDER *only: you can easily change it from automatic sending 
to only use it as a reminder and vice-versa in case you feel to have enough 
time to send birthday wishes on the actual birthday


✔ *SECURITY*: The information of your contacts and Facebook data are only 
stored on your device locally. Therefore, all indicated data remain fully 
secret and personal.  

✔ Customized for *all age groups* – also for *companies*: BirthdayBrain 
gives you the possibility to manage all birthdays of your employees. As a 
company leader or HR manager – you can easily conjure a smile on each and 
every employee’s face by sending them a personal birthday message as SMS or 

*Congratulating the most comfortable, personal, emotional and time 
optimized way – that’s the added value from BirthdayBrain and our goal to 
achieve!  *



We are looking forward to receiving your feedbacks, personal opinions and 



Best regards,

The development team from BirthdayBrain for Android 

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