I work for a customer and I have asked him to create his google play 
account to publish his APK. But we need to do alpha and beta test. I tell 
him to publish APK in alpha channel but he upload public release and 

When I found the app on the playstore I have quickly unpublish his apk.

We just want to do alpha test before release in public release. But we 
cannot publish again the app because if we do it the public release is 
accessible on playstore and we dont want for now. Plus, we cannot test 
inapp if we do not publish it.

Then i have searched how to remove the public release to publish again in 
alpha channel. I have upload many apk in alpha but only tester added when 
the app was public can access it.

How to remove the public release in order to publish in alpha without 
public access on the playstore? 

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