We are looking for Big Data developer for a 12+ months project,PLease send
resumes at b...@involgix.com.

*Job Title: Big Data Developer *

*Location: San Jose, CA*

*Duration: 12+ Months*

*Job Description: *

Client is looking for a Developer with storage experience with solid
command in big data technologies.

More importantly emphasis in storage and retrieval of archived data.  It's
a lot more of a data warehousing problem than an analytics or computation

HDFS and HBase is obviously dominant in that space, but a more general
familiarity with the technology and problems would be better than just
being tied to the Hadoop ecosystem.  Experience with scaling in general, JVM
high performance architectures, and some functional knowledge (Scala) would
be a plus

With some of the below skills  -- Projects on cloud/web-services side.

*Skills: *

·         Experience on large-scale distributed systems with development of
reactive services.

·         Hands-on with implementation of SOA, REST, Websockets, Web
Services, JSON/XML, and messaging techniques

·         Big data technologies such as Spark, Hadoop ecosystems,
MapReduce, HBase, ElasticSearch, and Yarn

·         SQL and NoSQL DB experience – Cassandra, MongoDB, MySQL and
distributed cache – HazelCast, Redis, Memcached

·         Programming language – Good understanding of functional language
such as Scala or Haskell. Solid Java experience

·         Experience in atleast one of the cloud computing platforms – AWS,
Mesos, Docker, Heroku etc.

·         Exposure to any one reactive frameworks - Akka, Play, Scalaz

·         Distributed message queue and pubsub - Zookeeper, Kafka, Spray,

·         Exposure related to voice, video real-time experience and
algorithms highly desirable. Familiarity with any native code access from
Java to low level languages - JNI, SWIG, HawtJNI, JNA, BridJ, JNAerator

·         Hands-on with tuning JVM apps using performance analysis tools
such as JProfiler, YourKit, visualvm etc.

*If you are interested**, please send me your updated resume along with the
following details*

*Expected hourly rate: *

*Availability: *

*Current Location: *

*Visa Status: *

*Primary contact details: *

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