Hello folks,

This is my first post here. Hope anyone can help me :).

I need config Android Studio (2.2.1 latest) but it is being a pain! I just 
installed it and, using the wizard, created a totally blank "app", using 
defaults. Just after the app to be created, AS2 give me: "Gradle 
'MyApplication' project refresh failed" (please, see the screenshot: 

It is VERY frustrating. You install a program, use all defaults to make 
something, and it gives an error!

I tryed reinstall everything, even cleaning .java, .gradle, .androidXXX, 
tryed so many 'solutions' of the SoF, and still nothing. Same error since 

Java 1.8 Oracle (with JDK, everything working in other programs)
Linux Mint 18

Please, any help for this? Thanks in advance.


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