On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 11:35:34 AM UTC-5, Husain Al-Haboubi wrote:
> Hello developers,
> I am having a problem lately with Android Studio ever since I updated to 
> 2.3.3. I have searched all the forums for possible solutions. Some say I 
> need to open Android Studio in Administration Mode, others say that I just 
> need to clean the project once!
> The error occurs when I try to run or build a project. Here is error 
> message:
> Error:Execution failed for task ':directoryPicker:processReleaseResources'
> .
> > Could not delete path 
> 'C:\Users\XXXXXXX\Desktop\XXXXXXXXX\XXXXXXXXX\directoryPicker\build\generated\source\r\release\android\support\compat'
> .
> Every time I want to build or run the project, I have to "Build > Clean 
> project" and sometimes I need to close and reopen AS. This happens to all 
> my projects and not only one project. I did the following:
>    1. Ran Android Studio in Administration mode
>    2. Deleted the build folder
>    3. Restarted the computer and Android Studio
> But no luck! Any idea on how to resolve this issue?
> Please be informed that the file path varies. Sometimes it's 
> "android\support\compact" and sometimes it's something else!

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