*Mitchell Martin Inc*.-H1B Bench JAVA Consultants available for new
projects all exceptional candidates with Financial Experience

*Ayantika D – (Local to NJ and looking for projects in NJ / NYC, NY) *

·         10 years of experience designing, implementing and adapting
technically sophisticated online web & mobile applications using
three-tiered architecture and more.

·         Proficient knowledge in Mobile, Banking, Retail & Manufacturing

·         Extensively worked with frameworks like Spring, Hibernate,
Struts, RMI, and JUnit.

·         Expertise in developing applications using different modules of
Spring Framework like MVC, DAO, AOP, Webservices and configuring
application context for spring bean factory.

·         Experienced in designing and developing solutions using SOAP and
REST based web services.

·         Developed applications using Object Oriented Concepts (OOPS) and
Design Patterns such as Singleton, Factory, Front Controller, DTO, DAO,
Service Locator and architectural design pattern such as MVC

·         Experience and familiarity in building modern Spring microservice
applications with Spring Boot.

·         Extensively worked with JMS providers such as IBM MQ series.

·         Good project implementation skills using J2EE technologies (RMI,
JMS) and XML technologies - DTD, XML Schema, SAX, DOM, JAX-RPC, JAX-WS,

·         Proficient in implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
using Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI).

·         Worked on unit testing frameworks like JUNIT and Mockito

·         Worked extensively on UI frameworks like Angular JS, Node.js,
Gulp, SASS, Bower.

·         Proficient with web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3,
XML, JavaScript and JSP.

·         Expertise in coding ANT, Maven build-scripts and configuring and
using frameworks such as Log4J.

·         Strong knowledge of SQL, PL-SQL database and hands on experience
with SQL server and Oracle databases.

*Hansi R* *(Local to NJ- Willing to relocate *

·         12 years of experience in software development primarily 9 years
Core Java in insurance and financial services.

·         Hands-on in efficient design and development of Core Java (Server
Side), Multithreading/Concurrency, Java Collections, high throughput
N-tier, distributed applications using design patterns.

·         Expertise in client-side technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Java
Script, AngularJS, jQuery and AJAX.

·         Experience in XML related technologies including Xpath, and XML
Parsers like JAXP, DOM and SAX Parsers.

·         Expertise in databases with focus on DB2, Sybase, Netezza,
Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL

·         Experienced in writing Stored Procedures, triggers, Joins, and
complex SQLs queries.

·         Proficient in writing shell and Perl scripts, and UNIX commands.

·         Knowledge of Design Patterns such as MVC, Factory Method,
Singleton, and Data Access Objects.

·         Understanding of Financial domain (Market Risk) and Insurance P&C
(commercial & personal line of business)

·         Experience with test-driven development TDD using unit testing
frame work such as Junit.

·         Experience working with SOAP and Restful web services web
services using JSON and XML

·         Familiar with Spring Core, Spring JDBC, Spring MVC, Spring Boot,
iBatis and Hibernate framework.

*Harish B -* *(Local to NJ and looking for projects in NJ / NYC, NY)*

·         Full-Stack Developer with 9 years of progressive experience in
analysis, design, development, testing, debugging and implementation
expertise in full-stack development (Java, J2EE, JSR 286/168, JavaScript,
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS, Oracle, MongoDB), Linux administration and
database management.

·         Java/J2EE: Deep and broad experience in Java/J2EE development,
JSR 286/168.  Developed & consume RESTful & SOAP services commercially in a
multi-tier architecture. Leveraged spring framework in a multi-threaded
environment.  Commercially used Oracle, Teradata & MySQL. Have an
outstanding experience in WebSphere/Tomcat application server. I have used
Mockito for writing Junit tests.

·         Front-End: Excellent experience in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3(LESS)
on both desktop & mobile. Used jQuery, jQuery-UI at a commercial scale and
dabbled with AngularJS commercially. Experienced jQuery’s JSONP hack to
overcome the cross-origin resource sharing policy. Designed &developed
interactive charts using High charts.  Can geocode using google maps API.
Used Chrome/Firefox developer tools to debug, profile & memory management.
Have surpassed a lot of hurdles solving the cross-browser compatibility

*Rohit G – Local to NJ – Willing to relocate *

·         Oracle Certified Java Professional with over 8 years of
professional experience in Object Oriented programming and Java
applications development

·         Diverse professional experience - worked as both server-side
software developer and automation engineer for large and medium-sized

·         Experience working with Core Java and Multi-Threading

·         Worked on diverse Core Java, J2EE technologies like JSP,
Servlets, JDBC

·         Exposure to open source frameworks like SPRING

·         Worked on ORM tools like HIBERNATE

·         Expertise in Java technologies like Core Java, XML-Web Services,

·         Strong exposure to Multithreading and Collections Framework

·         Implemented design patterns like Factory, Abstract Factory,
Singleton, Proxy and Observer.

·         Hands on experience working with Databases like ORACLE, SYBASE,
MYSQL along with java applications using JDBC

·         Strong understanding of Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ Ide and web
services testing tools like SOAP UI

*Anthony Reddy | Sr. Recruiter*

T: 646-442-9382

E: anthony.re...@itmmi.com

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