*public abstract class *AppModule {

*//    @ContributesAndroidInjector(modules = SharedPreferencesModule.class)//   
 abstract SecondActivity secondActivity();   *@Binds
    *abstract *Context getContext(Application application);
    *abstract *SharedPreferences sharedPreferences(Context context);

@Component(modules = AppModule.*class*)
*public interface *AppComponent {
    *void *inject(Activity mainActivity);
    Context getContext();
    SharedPreferences getSharedPreferences();

    *interface *Builder{
        AppComponent build();
        @BindsInstance Builder application(Application application);

Error:(24, 32) error: @Binds <http://twitter.com/Binds> methods must have only 
one parameter whose type is assignable to the return type
What does this error mean? I dont understand a thing . Where is the 
implementation of the getContext() abstract method to be provided?
According to studio,that method is unused.
Please help,this is getting extremely complicated and confusing.
This is this medium article:

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