Please find the suitable resume for the below mentioned role.

*Position : SQL DBA *

*Location: Birmingham, AL*

*Duration : 3 year contract *

*Interview process: Phone and Skype*

*must have DB2 – LUW skills as well*

*Managers Notes*

   - The team is composed of what is traditionally known as a physical DBA,
   as opposed to a Logical DBA.
   - This particular role will be performing these duties both on the IIAS (
   Netezza) DB2 LUW database as well as on any of our 1000 SQL Server
   - Expectation that this resource to take on an on-call rotation one week
   out of every 5.
   - Strong communication skills are required as there will be quite a bit
   of back and forth communication with developers and internal customers.


   - Understanding of relationship between availability requirements for
   critical applications and the database objects they require.
   - Ability to provide expert review of database and SQL related
   application changes in order to minimize impact to the availability of
   production database systems.
   - Ability to perform database changes with minimal impact to the
   availability of production database systems.
   - Strict adherence to data access policies and procedures.
   - Ability to effectively utilize existing database performance and
   monitoring tools used by client.
   - Ability to accurately interpret technical manuals and references that
   outline the proper application of database administration tools and
   advanced techniques.
   - Ability to communicate accurately and effectively with peers, Systems
   Programming, Systems Development, technical management, customer areas, and
   solution vendors.
   - Ability to instruct non-SR database administrator associates on
   advanced techniques of database administration.
   - Ability to provide customers with expert direction on the most
   efficient methods of data access and manipulation.
   - History of taking ownership of problems and providing expert
   - Ability to independently handle complex database administration tasks
   and problems.
   - Ability to research and resolve database issues through the use of
   available tools and resources (as an individual and as part of a group
   - Continuing education through technical training.
   - Excellent customer service.
   - Ability to identify, and act on, opportunities to "add value" to
   database administration.
   - Ability to provide appropriate status reporting on projects and tasks.

Ability to quickly and accurately identify/correct problems with database


VSG Business Solutions

221 Cornwell Dr Bear, DE


Phone: 302-261-3207 Ext: 116


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