My first Nexus phone was a 4 running Android 4.  At that time there seemed 
to be a preference for white text on black background which I liked. 
 However since moving to a Nexus 5 and now 5X on Android 7.0 there seems to 
have been a shift to displaying black text on a white background which I 
generally find more difficult to read in a small font.  

I would like to see an option in the Settings menu to display either black 
on white or white on black in all areas where text is only displayed, for 
example in the Settings menu and Notifications.  If this could be offered 
in SMS and Messenger apps as well it would be much appreciated.

I am a 70 year old retired IT professional and would like to see more 
emphasis on Accessibility in new Android updates because I plan to be 
around a while longer.

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