I have ported the android 0.9 SDK in a real smartphone. As pointed out
in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0JlPDAZUrs, the android demo phone
has success in run m3 SDK. After a painful dig, I success in run the
latest 0.9 SDK in the android demo phone.

It boots from uboot, 2.6.25 linux kernel. Support touchsceen,
keyboard. LCD also works fine. I will upload the working video into
youtube soon.

1. android only support touchscreen raw data, the interface is /dev/
input/event0. I do calibration in the touchscreen driver.
2.LCD framebuffer should support double buffer
3.The android screen lock can be unlocked by menu key. The default
keycode of menu is 229.
4.Linux kernel config should support android power.
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