Hi Pankaj,

For the next android release after Froyo we will be using new
notifications between kernel and userspace.  The userspace changes
have not been released yet and are not included in Froyo.  So for
Froyo you should continue using the 2.6.32 kernel.  The android 2.6.35
kernel is for post-Froyo development and is not compatible with Froyo.

As you noticed, there is now a new f_mass_storage.c driver in the
mainline kernel.  In the 2.6.35 android kernel we abandoned our own
copy and are now using the mainline 2.6.35 kernel.  So it no longer
contains the switch code that is used by vold in Froyo to get the UMS
related notifications.  If it is important that you use 2.6.35 with
Froyo, you could probably switch back to using the f_mass_storage.c
from our 2.6.32 kernel in 2.6.35 instead of the mainline version.


On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 3:21 AM, Pankaj <dubepankaj1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am facing one issue with Android Froyo and 2.6.35 kernel in getting
> USB notifications. When I connected USB cable with our device, Windows
> Host PC detetecd composite device ADB+UMS, but on device there is no
> notification (normally two notification "usb connected" followed by
> "usb debugging connected" suppose to come.).
> When traced back issue i found logcat is showing one warning as "W/
> Vold No UMS switch available". In 2.6.32 kernel's f_mass_storage.c
> file fsg_dev structure contains one member as switch_dev and this
> switch device is registered in mass_storage_bind_config function, but
> I found that on 2.6.35 kernel's f_mass_storage.c file is not
> registering switch device and beacause of which in Android Froyo's /
> system/vold/main.cpp while opening switch device for UMS it failed and
> thus failed to show notification.
> So I want to know why switch device registration is removed from
> f_mass_storage.c file as without it Android Froyo is not able to
> display connection notifications.
> Thanks,
> Pankaj

Mike Lockwood
Google android team

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