Well I had a few minutes free so thought to share what I found :D not sure 
if you've ported before, but anyways...

You can use the instructions from this series: 
:) works great for me, with Android-x86 too! Except I had to install oracle 
java 7 too in ubuntu. 6.0.1r68 feels very stable btw!

Then the porting instructions from 
https://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Doc:_porting_intro can referred to also. 
Note that you need to be rooted to pull the proprietary parts from your 
device. Their wiki has tons of great stuff.

This thread seems to have something for you, too: 

And these links:

Here are Samsung's open source Lollipop parts to use while porting: 

Hope these help even if a month after you posted! Have you made progress? 
Good luck.

maanantai 22. elokuuta 2016 17.28.05 UTC+3 Allan Martínez kirjoitti:
> I need it.
> Help me plz.
> I'm making a beta for the University.

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