My AOSP device (atuomation processes UI) asks for a password (thinks data 
partition is encrypted) after 5-50 'hard' reboots. It's caused by data 
partition getting corrupted, when device is abruptly power-cycled, and 
SD-card decides to 'break'.

My device (IMX6QP-based):
- no battery - at risk of sudden power loss
- runs from SD card
- uses MBR partitioning (tried GPT as well)
- uses ext4 filesystem
- runs EVERYTHING from a single SD-card

"data" partition exploded on several different SD-cards, about 10 times so 
far. I can't pretend the issue is not there...

After the issue occurs, data partition can be fixed on a PC using "fsck.ext4 
-v /dev/sdf4" (but fsck has to be new enough to support 


After it worked on PC (3 out of 3 times), I've tried forcing fsck on every 
boot via fstab:

-$BD5    /data     ext4    <blablabla>   wait,encryptable=$BD10
+$BD5    /data     ext4    <blablabla>   wait,check,encryptable=$BD10

(in order to proactively 'fix' the issue on boot), but I got this:

e2fsck: /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 has unsupported feature(s): metadata_csum

TL;DR: Question: Is there any 'silver bullet' I can use to 'safely' run 
AOSP from SD card, on a device that has no battery?
Any kernel options? Forcing 'sync' more often? Any hints how to 'protect 
data partition' from sudden powerlosses? Any 'special' SD cards that will 
work better than others?

I can probably port "proper" version of fsck to my tree and run it on every 
boot, but I am not sure if this is the rigth way forward... 
I also considered removing "encryptable" flag from fstab for data 
partition, but I am affraid it will not change a lot -- I will still loose 
data or... would I? I am actually not sure how AOSP recognizes my partition 
as 'encrypted'...


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