Changelog since 2015-02-15 until 2015-02-22.  Projects included in this report:

bitbake: git://
openembedded-core: git://
meta-openembedded: git://
meta-angstrom: git://
meta-arago: git://
meta-beagleboard: git://
meta-browser: git://
meta-bug: git://
meta-chicken: git://
meta-efikamx: git://
meta-fsl-arm: git://
meta-fsl-arm-extra: git://
meta-fsl-ppc: git://
meta-guacamayo: git://
meta-gumstix: git://
meta-handheld: git://
meta-intel: git://
meta-ivi: git://
meta-java: git://
meta-kde: git://
meta-micro: git://
meta-mono: git://
meta-netbookpro: git://
meta-nslu2: git://
meta-opie: git://
meta-qt3: git://
meta-qt5: git://
meta-slugos: git://
meta-systemd: git://
meta-raspberrypi: git://
meta-ti: git://
meta-webos: git://
meta-xilinx: git://
meta-yocto: git://
openembedded: git://

Changelog for bitbake:

Alexandru DAMIAN (7):
  toaster: properly detect failed server start
  toaster: fix git checkout command
  toasterui: empty state for pages
  toaster: bitbake cooker log saving and downloading
  toaster: properly detect starting in rolling log file
  toasterui: UI query performance improvements
  toaster: get proper version string

Alexandru Damian (1):
  toasterui: fix time estimation in project page

Aníbal Limón (7):
  fetch2: wget latest_versionstring improve _parse_path
  fetch2: wget latest_versionstring _check_latest_version improvments
  fetch2: wget add _check_latest_version_by_dir
  fetch2: wget latest_versionstring improvments in get version by dir
  fetch2: wget _modelate_version improvments
  fetch2: wget remove scape of - in regexes don't needed
  tests/ latest_versionstring add set of PN

Belen Barros Pena (2):
  toasterui: style the Toaster version information
  toasterui: remove layer directory in managed mode

Chong Lu (1):
  bitbake-layers: add ability to fetch layers and their dependencies from laye

David Reyna (2):
  toaster: Additional fixes for the project variable page
  toaster: landing page when no build module

Maxin B. John (1): Fix segfault if DISPLAY is not set

Michael Wood (8):
  toaster: Use on input event for validation rather than keyup
  toaster: layerdetails use new vcs reference api
  toaster: New build button allow arbitrary build targets
  toaster: Remove Layer source from machines, layers and targets
  toaster: Remove filtering from layers,machines and targets
  toaster: Set the machines page default pagesize to 100
  toaster: layerdetails Don't show None type in description/summary
  toaster: importlayer Remove description input field

Paul Eggleton (5):
  utils: ensure explode_dep_versions2 raises an exception on invalid/missing o
  tests: add tests for OE pre-release version formatting
  cooker: rework LAYERDEPENDS versioning so that it is actually useful
  bitbake-layers: refactor to use argparse instead of cmd
  bitbake-layers: fix logging

Changelog for openembedded-core:

Andre McCurdy (1):
  neon: update 0.30.0 -> 0.30.1

Ben Shelton (3):
  trace-cmd: Update to version 2.5.3
  kernelshark: Update to version 2.5.3
  font-util: stage encoding maps into sysroot

Bian Naimeng (1):
  iputils: install clockdiff same as ubuntu and fedora

Brendan Le Foll (1):
  openssl: disable SSLv3 by default

Bruce Ashfield (5):
  linux-libc-headers: update to 3.19
  linux-yocto: make kernel configuration audit user visible
  linux-yocto: remove 3.10 and 3.17 recipes
  linux-yocto: introduce 3.19 versioned recipes
  linux-yocto: warn when a generated BSP description is used

Chen Qi (4): use 'purge' instead of 'remove' in case of deb
  update-rc.d: use '-f' option in updatercd_postrm
  useradd.bbclass: avoid do_rootfs error for debian package backend
  packaging: allow globs in CONFFILES

Chong Lu (1):
  bitbake.conf: Add two variables for layer index

Cristian Iorga (1):
  conf/distro/include/default-providers: updated bluez-hcidump providers

Dan McGregor (1):
  glibc: Update to glibc 2.21 release tag

Fathi Boudra (2):
  busybox: update to 1.23.1 release
  kexec-tools: fix build failure on aarch64_be architecture

Javier Viguera (1):
  utils.bbclass: fix create_cmdline_wrapper

Khem Raj (3):
  glibc: Upgrade 2.20 -> 2.21
  tclibc-musl: Use musl for providing virtual/libintl instead of gettext
  glibc: Dont offer to be parsed for non-glibc TCLIBC selection

Lucian Musat (1):
  oeqa/ptest: Fixed complementary package install detection and added ptest-ru

Martin Jansa (5): strip only .bb suffix
  valgrind: add glibc-2.21 to glibc.patch
  license.bbclass: fix unexpected operator for LICENSE values with space respect ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET when adding thumb suffix, Fix PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS

Nathan Rossi (1):
  Revert "kernel-arch.bbclass: add arm64 support to U-Boot architecture map"

Paul Eggleton (3):
  lib/oe/package_manager: support exclusion from complementary glob process by
  lib/oeqa/selftest/bblayers: use dashed subcommands
  layer.conf: set a variable to map to the OE Layer Index name

Paul Gortmaker (3):
  coreutils: don't generate useless dummy stub manpages
  coreutils: import prebuilt manpages from Gentoo
  scripts: delete dummy help2man script

Peter A. Bigot (9):
  bluetooth.bbclass: simplify recipe inference of bluetooth provider
  packagegroup-base: select distro preference for bluez provider
  pulseaudio: select distro preference for bluez provider
  neard: select distro preference for bluez provider
  libpcap: select distro preference for bluez provider
  ofono: select distro preference for bluez provider
  gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: select distro preference for bluez provider
  connman: depend on distro provider of bluez
  qt-mobility: select distro preference for bluez provider

Richard Purdie (9):
  libtool: 2.4.5 -> 2.4.6
  default-providers: Set the preferred provider for bluez based on version
  populate_sdk: Handle OLDEST_KERNEL
  qt-mobility: Add patch to fix disabling bluez compile issues
  oeqa/parselogs: Add exception for new mips error message
  e2fsprogs: Add a patch to speedup mkfs
  lib/oe/package_manager: Performance tweak in regex usage
  machine/qemu: Switch from ext3 to ext4
  runqemu: Specify rootfstype to qemu to avoid QA warnings

Richard Tollerton (2):
  font-util: remove MAPFILES_PATH override
  xorg-font-common: fix sysroot injection for encoding maps

Robert Yang (10):
  btrfs-tools: fix for parallel build
  bind: Fix parallel make issue
  quilt: 0.63 -> 0.64
  cups: 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2
  git: 2.2.1 -> 2.3.0
  python-git: 0.3.3 -> 0.3.6
  python-gitdb: 0.6.1 -> 0.6.4
  logrotate: 3.8.8 -> 3.8.9
  build-compare: update
  lttng-tools: add PACKAGECONFIG for kmod

Ross Burton (1):
  opkg: fix systemd unit installation

Saul Wold (1):
  lzo: Upgrade to 2.09 and add ptest

Tom Zanussi (1):
  wic: Fix kernel dir location

Changelog for meta-openembedded:

Andreas Müller (19):
  libmbim: initial add 1.12.2
  libqmi: initial add 1.12.2
  modemmanager: update to 1.4.2
  network-manager-applet: add PACKAGCONFIG for modemmanager - disabled by defa
  xmessage: initial add 1.0.4
  xfce4-kbdleds-plugin: Initial add 0.0.6
  packagegroup-xfce-extended: add xfce4-kbdleds-plugin
  xfce4-screenshooter: update to 1.8.2
  xfce4-weather-plugin: update to 0.8.5
  xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin: update to 1.4.2
  xfce4-cpufreq-plugin: update to 1.1.1
  xfce4-netload-plugin: update to 1.2.4
  xfce4-eyes-plugin: update to 4.4.3
  xfce4-systemload-plugin: update to 1.1.2
  xfce4-equake-plugin: update to 1.3.6
  xfce4-timer-plugin: initial add 1.6.0
  packagegroup-xfce-extended: add xfce4-timer-plugin
  gnome-bluetooth: fix build by using a valid dbus interface + unblacklist
  gimp: update to 2.8.14 / fix build by not configuring with freetype-config

Joe MacDonald (1):
  snort: blacklist

Paul Eggleton (2):
  python-django: extend to nativesdk
  python-django-south: extend to nativesdk

Changelog for meta-angstrom:

Andreas Müller (1):
  Systemd: drop overlayed recipe

Changelog for meta-arago:

Carlos Hernandez (1):
  busybox/defconfig: Enable options required by LAVA

Franklin S. Cooper Jr (8):
  sourceipk: Cleanly clear local config settings
  nativesdk-packagegroup-arago-sdk-host: Add nativesdk-git
  unshallow-repositories: Add script to unshallow repositories
  tisdk-install: Add the installed SDK path to unshallow-repositories script
  packagegroup-arago-tisdk-amsdk-sdk-host: Conditionally include unshallow-rep
  branding-amsdk: Update wording for sourecipk commit message
  ti-tisdk-setup: Grab latest commit that supports saving env to FAT for 335x
  matrix-gui-apps-git: Bump commit to update text in scripts

Jacob Stiffler (1):
  packagegroup-arago-tisdk-multimedia: Remove dspdce-fw from dra7xx-evm.

Karthik Ramanan (4):
  base-files: Increase /var/volatile size
  libdce: Update to latest IPC
  omapdrmtest: Updated applications for GLSDK 7.00EA
  wayland/weston: Deprecate 1.3.0

Sam Nelson (2):
  ipsecmgr: Add recipes for ipsec manager kernel module and libraries
  branding-mcsdk: Adding MCSDK branding include file

Changelog for meta-atmel:

Changelog for meta-beagleboard:

Changelog for meta-browser:

Changelog for meta-bug:

Changelog for meta-chicken:

Changelog for meta-efikamx:

Changelog for meta-ettus:

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm:

Andreas Müller (1):
  imx-gpu-viv: ship libgles3-mx6-dev along with libgles2-mx6-dev

Carlos Rafael Giani (1):
  gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx: Update to version 0.10.1

Daiane Angolini (2):
  imx6solosabresd: Use zImage by default
  imx6solosabreauto: Use zImage by default

Javier Viguera (1):
  qt4: sync g++.conf file with upstream

Otavio Salvador (10):
  imx-base: Add virtual/libg2d to i.MX6's MACHINE_SOCARCH_FILTER
  xf86-video-imxfb: Ensure kernel source is available
  amd-gpu-x11-bin-mx51: Add a build-dependency on libxext
  xf86-video-imxfb: Use common file
  xf86-video-imxfb: Add --enable-neon on whitelisted configuration options Add the amd-gpu-mx51 provider
  libz160: Add a build-dependency on AMD GPU
  u-boot-fslc: Update to revision 6e66aed
  qtbase: Remove distribution-related settings
  pulseaudio: Use version-agnostic bbappend

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm-extra:

Alex de Cabo (1):
  u-boot-congatec: Update to commit da45c1

Changelog for meta-fsl-ppc:

Changelog for meta-guacamayo:

Changelog for meta-gumstix:

Changelog for meta-gumstix-community:

Changelog for meta-handheld:

Changelog for meta-igep:

Changelog for meta-intel:

Changelog for meta-ivi:

Holger Behrens (7):
  weston.ini: use complete file instead of patch
  weston: apply ivi-shell click event patch
  qtwayland: add support for IVI surface ID property
  audiomanager-poc: upgrade to version of Nov.25th, assign ivi-shell surface I
  weston: disable default virtual keyboard
  wayland-ivi-extension: add support for version 1.3.0
  GDP: remove GENIVI Demo Platform meta data

Changelog for meta-java:

Changelog for meta-kde:

Changelog for meta-micro:

Changelog for meta-mono:

Changelog for meta-netbookpro:

Changelog for meta-nslu2:

Changelog for meta-opie:

Changelog for meta-qt3:

Changelog for meta-qt5:

Changelog for meta-slugos:

Changelog for meta-systemd:

Changelog for meta-raspberrypi:

Changelog for meta-smartphone:

Changelog for meta-ti:

Jacob Stiffler (1):
  ti-eula-unpack: Add support for general binary installers.

Karthik Ramanan (2):
  ti-ipc: Upgrade to IPC
  omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux: Updated SRCREV to include bugfixes

Sam Nelson (5):
  dfe-lld: Add recipe for Digital Radio Front end low level driver
  iqn2-lld: Add recipes for TI iqn2 peripheral module low level driver
  dfe-lld: Add recipe for dfe test code
  iqn2-lld: Add recipe for iqn2 lld test code
  engine-pkcs11: Add recipe for PKCS11 engine

Changelog for meta-webos:

Changelog for meta-xilinx:

Nathan Rossi (1):
  openssl: Patches no longer required

Changelog for meta-yocto:

Bruce Ashfield (2):
  meta-yocto: update qemu default kernel version to 3.19
  meta-yocto-bsps: remove 3.10 bbappend

Changelog for openembedded:

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