> Op 20 mrt. 2015, om 12:37 heeft Gibson Justian <guitargib...@gmail.com> het 
> volgende geschreven:
> Dear Koen and Khem,
>               I have the patch for libpostproc error.Can any of you guide
> me how to apply the patch and go with the build. I googled out regarding
> the patching for angstrom and recompiling apparently no concrete
> information anywhere. Kindly help me how to apply patch and re-build.  I am
> stranded with this problem.
> I tried myself with some patching articles but ended up like this do not
> know where I am going wrong, kindly guide me.

There are some more problems with gst-ffmpeg. I fixed most of them last night, 
hopefully I can push a bbappend to fix them all later this week.


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