> Op 22 apr. 2015, om 23:39 heeft Marcel Ziswiler <marcel.ziswi...@toradex.com> 
> het volgende geschreven:
> Hi Koen
> As you might know we at Toradex are using the Angstrom Distribution
> quite extensively basically since I started their Linux operation more
> than 4 years ago (;-p). The feed server outage of late has triggered
> quite some customer feedback and there is some internal discussion going
> on how such a condition could be avoided in the future. Given our IT's
> experience in running a globally distributed git server infrastructure
> we were wondering whether a globally mirrored feed server infrastructure
> would be of any value not only for our customers but also for the
> Angstrom community as a whole. What do you think about any of this? If
> this is anything you and the community consider worth pursuing we would
> need to know the storage and bandwidth requirements so we could further
> look into whether or not this is something Toradex could be hosting.
> Alternatively we could just run some optical experiments I guess (;-p).

That sounds great, adding Tom King to CC: as well.


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