Changelog since 2015-05-10 until 2015-05-17.  Projects included in this report:

bitbake: git://
openembedded-core: git://
meta-openembedded: git://
meta-angstrom: git://
meta-arago: git://
meta-beagleboard: git://
meta-browser: git://
meta-bug: git://
meta-chicken: git://
meta-efikamx: git://
meta-fsl-arm: git://
meta-fsl-arm-extra: git://
meta-fsl-ppc: git://
meta-guacamayo: git://
meta-gumstix: git://
meta-handheld: git://
meta-intel: git://
meta-ivi: git://
meta-java: git://
meta-kde: git://
meta-micro: git://
meta-mono: git://
meta-netbookpro: git://
meta-nslu2: git://
meta-opie: git://
meta-qt3: git://
meta-qt5: git://
meta-slugos: git://
meta-systemd: git://
meta-raspberrypi: git://
meta-ti: git://
meta-webos: git://
meta-xilinx: git://
meta-yocto: git://
openembedded: git://

Changelog for bitbake:

Alexander Kanevskiy (1):
  toaster: clear up toaster shutdown for mac osx

Alexandru DAMIAN (7):
  toasterui: URL refactoring
  toaster: adding art missing from Bootstrap
  toastergui: fix whitespace after URL
  toastergui: removing unused views
  toaster: fix html5 compliance
  toaster/contrib: adding TTS squashed patch
  toastergui: tables updates for HTML5 compliance

Belen Barros Pena (1):
  toastergui: change the import layer action help text

Daniel McGregor (1):
  fetch/hg: support submodules

Ed Bartosh (5):
  toastergui: decrease load time for configuration page
  toaster: Make toaster script working in zsh
  toaster: Code cleanup: indent
  toaster: fix typo in format string
  toastergui: Consider task name when restarting a build

Jason Wessel (1):
  fetch2: Allow git to use a different CA Bundle with private keys

Liam R. Howlett (2):
  fetch2: Add BB_ALLOWED_NETWORKS support
  fetch2: Allow GIT_SMART_HTTP to be passed through

Mariano Lopez (1):
  bitbake: fetch2/git: Add URL when latest_revision generates an exception.

Michael Wood (4):
  toaster: Remove old bldviewer application
  toaster: managedcontextprocessor requires Project imported
  toaster: Add toaster table widget
  toaster: Port All recipes, layers and machines to ToasterTables

Mihail Stanciu (1):
  toaster: <Add class id to a few columns>

Paul Eggleton (2):
  fetch2/git: ensure the unpacked origin remote points upstream
  tests/fetch: ensure fetch tests preserve current dir

Richard Purdie (6):
  runqueue: Handle cases where siginfo is now a parameter to the hashvadlidate
  BBHandler: Error for incomplete function definitions
  tests/parse: Add very basic start of parse tests
  fetch2: Improve mirror building function error handling
  tests/fetch: Add mirror of mirror tests
  tests/parse: Add file missing from previous commit

Scott Rifenbark (2):
  bitbake-user-manual-metadata.xml: Added two new varflag descriptions
  bitbake-user-manual-metadata.xml: Alphabetized varflag list.

Changelog for openembedded-core:

Alejandro Hernandez (1):
  python3: Upgrade from 3.4.2 to 3.4.3

Alexandre Belloni (1):
  wic: remove intermediate partitions

Andreas Oberritter (1):
  base-files: Remove /proc/bus/usb from fstab.

Bruno Bottazzini (1):
  systemd: removing workaround odering journal after

Christophe Guillon (1):
  ncurses: inherit pkgconfig

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov (3):
  qt4-x11-free: make virtual/libgl dependency conditional
  systemd.bbclass: drop has_exactly_one_service setting
  libevent: add ptest

Haris Okanovic (1):
  glibc: CVE-2015-1781: resolv/nss_dns/dns-host.c buffer overflow

Joshua Lock (1):
  cairo: make xlib and libxcb dependencies explicit

Jussi Kukkonen (1):
  xf86-video-cirrus: Upgrade 1.5.2 -> 1.5.3

Leonardo Sandoval (1):
  useradd.bbclass: Remove base-passwd dependency

Li xin (1): Fix LSB NG Cases.

Lucian Musat (1):
  oeqa/utils: Fixed a problem with get_bb_var not returning right variable.

Mariano Lopez (1):
  sanity.bbclass: Increased verbosity for connectivity check

Mario Domenech Goulart (2):
  native.bbclass: avoid unintended substring replacement when setting PROVIDES
  README: add "Contributing" section

Markus Lehtonen (5):
  devtool: extract: remove patches when S=WORKDIR
  devtool: remove unused imports / re-imports
  devtool: rename unused variables
  devtool: add missing docstrings
  devtool: deploy plugin: fix bad indentation

Martin Jansa (1):
  boost: properly fix do_boostconfig re-execution

Otavio Salvador (1):
  gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Move EGL requirement for Wayland

Paul Eggleton (4):
  devtool: fix build env command execution error handling
  lib/oe/recipeutils: add a parse_recipe_simple() function
  devtool: deploy-target: use tinfoil instead of bitbake -e
  devtool: if workspace layer exists, still ensure it's in bblayers.conf

Richard Purdie (9):
  dbus: Fix do_install files outside ${D}
  insserv: Remove
  gcc5: Add PR65779 patch to fix powerpc compile issues
  gcc5: Add back g++ sysroot patch
  module/module-base/lttng-modules: Improve kernel module dependencies
  glibc: Fix x32 make race
  base: Avoid find race
  kernel/rm_work: Improve interaction
  sstate: Improve HASHCHECK function to make siginfo configurable

Robert Yang (24):
  stat: fix SRC_URI
  openssl/orc: virtclass-native -> class-native
  gcc-5: fix installed-vs-shipped
  kernelshark: fix for rebuild
  libxml2: fix python path and add libxml2-python
  mesa: fix do_install_append
  mesa-demos: only enable glu when x11 in DISTRO_FEATURES
  libglu: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES
  libsdl: depends on libglu when x11
  libowl/settings-daemon/libnotify: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES
  recipes-extended: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES
  recipes-graphics: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES
  gst-plugins-gl: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES
  recipes-sato: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES
  at-spi2-atk: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES
  packagegroup-core-qt: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES
  bind: separate B and S
  libpcre: 8.36 -> 8.37
  apr: 1.5.1 -> 1.5.2
  ghostscript: 9.15 -> 9.16
  socat: fix for parallel build
  strace: add PACKAGECONFIG for bluez
  alsa-tools: set CLEANBROKEN
  xserver-xorg: add PACKAGECONFIG for wayland and add xserver-xorg-xwayland

Ross Burton (3):
  autoconf: simplify perl location forcing logic
  automake: simplify perl location forcing logic
  Revert "libsdl: depends on libglu when x11"

Roy Li (2):
  elfutils: Disable the unnecessary check in iconv.m4
  unzip: Security Advisory -CVE-2014-9636 and CVE-2015-1315

Saul Wold (1):
  lttng-modules: Update to stable version 2.6.1

Changelog for meta-openembedded:

Andre McCurdy (1):
  ntp: control refclock driver support via PACKAGECONFIG

Andreas Müller (8):
  exo: update to 0.10.4
  xfce4-power-manager: update to 1.4.4
  xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin: initial add 0.4.6
  packagegroup-xfce-extended: add xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin
  thunar: update to 1.6.8
  udisks2: add recipe for 2.1.5 version
  xfce4-time-out-plugin: update to 1.0.2
  xfce4-session: update to 4.12.1

Armin Kuster (30):
  ruby: Update to 2.2.2
  collectd: fix world build issue
  libgxim: fix world build issues
  protobuf: update update and build fix
  serial-forward: fix fetch error
  lirc: fix QA warnings
  hplib: fix QA warnings
  udisks: fix QA warnings
  lio-utils: fix QA warnings
  pm-qa: Fix QA warnings
  gateone: Fix QA warnings
  rarpd: Fix QA warnings
  pscs-lite: Fix QA warnings
  fbida: Fix QA warnings
  qt-creator: Fix QA warnings
  fio: Fix QA warnings
  foxtrotgps: Fix QA warnings
  usbpath: Fix QA warnings
  wvstreams: Fix QA warnings
  pksc11-helper: Fix QA warnings
  libutempter: update SRC_URI
  gammu: Fix QA warnings
  mosh: Fix QA warnings
  numactl: Fix QA warnings
  xterm: fix issue with SRC_URI
  ckermit: update SRC_URI
  packagekit: Fix QA warnings
  daq: move recipe to meta-networking
  meta-xfce: add layer depends
  libnet-ssleay-perl: fix QA warning

Christian Ege (1):
  rng-tools: Fix path of default configuration file

Chunrong Guo (3):
  mozjs: fix the compile error of powerpc64
  fbset-modes: fix a warning about not existant S
  polkit: do not hardcode the libdir

Cristian Iorga (1):
  bluez collection: add (moved from oe-core)

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov (1):
  syslog-ng: add util-linux to DEPENDS list

Dominic Sacré (1):
  fio: add missing build dependency on zlib

Haris Okanovic (1):
  start-stop-daemon: Fix RCONFLICTS typo

Igor Santos (2):
  ctags: add
  cscope: add

Khem Raj (10):
  libgnomeprint: Fix build with newer bison >= 3
  imagemagick: Update PATCHSET to 10
  pangomm: Use http instead of ftp for SRC_URI
  libsigc++: Use http instead of ftp in SRC_URI
  gdm: Whitelist it
  polkit-gnome: Upgrade 0.102 -> 0.105
  gtkmathview: Use git for SRC_URI
  obex, gnome-bluetooth: Make bluez{4, 5} dep conditional on DISTRO_FEATURE
  site: add arm-64 and x86_64-linux files
  libbonoboui: Fix build with gcc5

Li Zhou (1):
  rsyslogd: Backport upstream commits to fix rsyslog segmentation fault when h

Martin Jansa (11):
  vala-dbus-binding-tool: upgrade to different 0.4.0 release
  gsoap-native: add missing dependency on flex-native
  gsoap: fold .inc and -native into one recipe
  nodejs: fix qemuarm build without thumb and drop unused patch
  *obex*, navit, libsyncml, foxtrotgps, gypsy, bluez-hcidump, bluez4, gst-plug
  ruby: explicitly disable dtrace support
  vala-dbus-binding-tool: fix the version inside the package
  Revert "libhugetlbfs: Add i586 to list of compatible host architectures"
  efl, elementary, emotion-generic-players, evas-generic-loaders: upgrade to 1
  e-wm: upgrade to 0.19.5
  python-efl: upgrade to 1.14.0

Philip Balister (2):
  gpsd: Update to 3.14.
  python-thrift: Add recipe.

Ross Burton (1):
  libart-lgpl: add (from oe-core)

Roy Li (10):
  netkit-telnet: support the cross-compile
  php: upgrade to 5.5.24
  phpmyadmin: upgrade to 4.4.4
  samba: upgrade to 3.6.25
  dialog: upgrade to 1.2-20150225
  mariadb: upgrade to 5.5.43
  apache2: upgrade to 2.4.12
  strongswan: upgrade to 5.3.0
  tcpdump: upgrade to 4.7.4
  krb5: upgrade to 1.13.2

Sven Ebenfeld (1):
  libgee: Update to Version 0.16.1

Yevhen Kyriukha (1):
  aufs-util: upgrade to v3.14.

Yi Zhao (20):
  smstools: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  hexedit: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  fbgrab: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  takao-fonts: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  xbitmaps: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  navit: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  omgps: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  orrery: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  fltk: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  mime-support: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  openct: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  picocom: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  soci: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  mozjs: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  iperf: fix ${PN}-${PV} -> ${BP} for multilib
  synergy: fix ${PN}-${PV} -> ${BP} for multilib
  gpsd: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  p7zip: fix PN -> BPN for multilib
  mpich: fix ${PN}-${PV} -> ${BP} for multilib
  sylpheed: remove do_install_append

Changelog for meta-angstrom:

Changelog for meta-arago:

Denys Dmytriyenko (10):
  arago-source-ipk: mark omap3-sgx-modules sources as machine-specific
  recipes: inherit allarch instead of simply PACKAGE_ARCH = "all"
  layer.conf: mark safe deps from allarch to arch/mach specific packages
  php: fix typo introduced by previous change
  layer.conf: add oprofile and example to siggen safe deps for matrix-gui-opro
  layer.conf: add stable dep matrix-gui-usb-demos -> bonnie++
  packagegroup-*-tisdk-matrix: check for wayland DISTRO_FEATURE introduced typ
  ltp-ddt: add SRCPV suffix to PR to easily track git revision
  matrix-gui-usb-demos: bump PR
  layer.conf: add matrix-gui-armbenchmarks-demos safe deps

Jacob Stiffler (1):
  php: Fix race condition during installation.

Sam Nelson (2):
  ipsecmgr: Add run time dependency on ipsecmgr-mod
  packagegroup-arago-console: Add iproute2 tc package

Changelog for meta-atmel:

Alexandre Belloni (2):
  videoplayer: use gst-launch when no fb1 is present
  applicationlauncher: add videoplayer for sama5d4

Josh Wu (1):
  atmel-qt5-demo-image: gstreamer1.0: includes full plugins elements

Nicolas Ferre (7):
  at91bootstrap: add revision 3.7.2
  linux firmware: add Atmel wilc1000 firmwares
  defconfig: add wifi and webcam for sama5 & at91sam9x5
  demo images: add atmel-wireless-firmware for Atmel wifi wilc1000
  videoplayer: handle the case if no alsa playback available
  videoplayer: simplify and harden gst-launch video player
  videoplayer: adapt gst-launch to the screen dimention

Changelog for meta-beagleboard:

Changelog for meta-browser:

Khem Raj (2):
  Update README
  cef,chromium: Separate out installs

Nikolay Dimitrov (1):
  chromium: Use bitbake variable instead of shell variable

Changelog for meta-bug:

Changelog for meta-chicken:

Changelog for meta-efikamx:

Changelog for meta-ettus:

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm:

Otavio Salvador (2):
  u-boot-fslc: Bump to b16ec2d revision
  linux-fslc: Update to 19ebefd revision

Stefan Christ (1):
  image_types_fsl.bbclass: use dd's option fsync instead of sync

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm-extra:

Nikolay Dimitrov (1):
  imx6dl-riotboard: Fix broken image builds against linux-fslc

Otavio Salvador (6):
  cubox-i: Use u-boot-fslc
  u-boot-cubox-i: Remove as it is not unused
  cubox-i: Remove UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT
  cubox-i: Remove linux-firmware-ath6k from MACHINE_FIRMWARE
  bcm4330-nvram-config: Add cubox-i support
  cubox-i: Install bcm4330-nvram-config to enable WiFi support

Changelog for meta-fsl-ppc:

Liu Ting-B28495 (3):
  asf: use KBUILD_OUTPUT to point to build-artifacts
  ceetm: use KBUILD_OUTPUT to point to build-artifacts
  skmm-ep: use backquotes for command substitution

Zhenhua Luo (1):
  skmm-host: packaging mini_calc file in binary package

Changelog for meta-guacamayo:

Changelog for meta-gumstix:

Changelog for meta-gumstix-community:

Changelog for meta-handheld:

Changelog for meta-igep:

Changelog for meta-intel:

Saul Wold (2):
  linux-yocto_3.19: Update to the Intel i915 driver
  lttng-modules: add bbappend to address 3.19.5 update

Changelog for meta-ivi:

Andrei Gherzan (9):
  audiomanager: Update to 6.2
  common-api-c++-dbus: Update to 2.1.6-p6
  common-api-c++: Update to 2.1.6-p1
  node-health-monitor: Update to 1.3.5
  persistence-administrator: Update to 1.0.5
  persistence-client-library: Update to 1.0.0
  dbus: Add patch for new version of common API
  node-state-manager: Fix build
  persistence-common-object: Update to 1.0.3

Changelog for meta-java:

Changelog for meta-jetson-tk1:

Changelog for meta-kde:

Changelog for meta-micro:

Changelog for meta-mono:

Alex J Lennon (1):
  mono: Update to support release

Changelog for meta-netbookpro:

Changelog for meta-nodejs:

Ilkka Myller (1):
  2015.05.13, Version 0.12.3 (Stable)     * V8: update to     * uv:

Changelog for meta-nslu2:

Changelog for meta-opie:

Changelog for meta-qt3:

Changelog for meta-qt5:

Julien Brianceau \(jbriance\) (1):
  qtbase-native: speed up configure task

Martin Jansa (1):
  ninja-native: upgrade to 1.5.3

Changelog for meta-slugos:

Changelog for meta-systemd:

Changelog for meta-raspberrypi:

Changelog for meta-smartphone:

Martin Jansa (3):
  podboy: fix blacklist
  fsosystemd: drop recipes

Changelog for meta-ti:

Denys Dmytriyenko (4):
  linux-ti-staging: update to 3.14.41 with platform, connectivity fixes
  u-boot-ti-staging: update with connectivity, x15 and other fixes
  boot-monitor: pass custom LD var that includes sysroot option
  linux-ti-staging: update to 3.14.42 with more fixes

Changelog for meta-webos:

Changelog for meta-xilinx:

Nathan Rossi (2):
  gcc: Update patches for gcc 4.8.4
  linux-xlnx: Add recipe for v3.19 Xilinx kernel

Changelog for meta-yocto:

Lucian Musat (1):
  meta-yocto/distro: Added Ubuntu 15.04 to SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS

Mariano Lopez (1):
  poky.conf: Fix git URL example

Robert Yang (1): update MAINTAINERS

Changelog for openembedded:

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