Changelog since 2016-01-10 until 2016-01-17.  Projects included in this report:

bitbake: git://
openembedded-core: git://
meta-openembedded: git://
meta-angstrom: git://
meta-arago: git://
meta-beagleboard: git://
meta-browser: git://
meta-bug: git://
meta-chicken: git://
meta-efikamx: git://
meta-fsl-arm: git://
meta-fsl-arm-extra: git://
meta-fsl-ppc: git://
meta-guacamayo: git://
meta-gumstix: git://
meta-handheld: git://
meta-intel: git://
meta-ivi: git://
meta-java: git://
meta-kde: git://
meta-micro: git://
meta-mono: git://
meta-netbookpro: git://
meta-nslu2: git://
meta-opie: git://
meta-qt3: git://
meta-qt5: git://
meta-slugos: git://
meta-systemd: git://
meta-raspberrypi: git://
meta-ti: git://
meta-webos: git://
meta-xilinx: git://
meta-yocto: git://
openembedded: git://

Changelog for bitbake:

Chen Qi (1):
  bitbake: clean up stamp-base related codes

Ed Bartosh (1):
  toaster: increase timeout

Elliot Smith (23):
  toastergui: use ToasterTable for projects page
  toaster: move image file suffix list to model
  toaster: check inferred file suffixes against list of known types
  toastergui: switch projects/ view to ToasterTable
  toastergui: use event delegates for hover help elements
  toastergui: convert all builds page to ToasterTable
  toastergui: refactor ToasterTable filtering
  toastergui: switch off filter highlights when inactive
  toastergui: show recent builds on all builds page
  toastergui: implement date range filters for builds
  toastergui: implement "today" and "yesterday" filters
  toastergui: convert project builds page to ToasterTable
  toastergui: don't hide all elements with .col class
  toastergui: ensure filter_value updates
  toastergui: streamline construction of filter objects
  toastergui: serialise decimals correctly
  toastergui: set default visible and hideable columns
  toastergui: mute label for filter actions with no records
  toastergui: make "Apply" button state depend on filter range
  toastergui: fix error and warning counts for builds
  toastergui: remove unused views and template code
  toaster tests: fix Django tests for new ToasterTable pages
  toastergui: code formatting and clean-up

Kristian Amlie (1):
  fetch2/ Add missing "errno" module import.

Richard Purdie (3):
  runqueue: Fix setscene task dependencies
  Revert "fetch2/ avoid using PREMIRROR"
  Revert "fetch/git: Change to use clearer ssh url syntax for broken servers"

Changelog for openembedded-core:

Alexander Kanavin (7):
  valgrind: update to 3.11.0
  libwebp: upgrade to 0.5.0
  lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.39
  iso-codes: upgrade to 3.64
  epiphany: upgrade to 3.18.3
  ca-certificates: update to 20160104
  openssh: update to 7.1p2

Andre McCurdy (8):
  valgrind: don't restrict to armv7a
  valgrind: include aarch64 in COMPATIBLE_HOST duplicate armv7a over-ride for armv7ve duplicate armv7a over-rides for armv7ve
  libpostproc: duplicate armv7a over-rides for armv7ve
  harfbuzz: update 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3
  kernel-yocto.bbclass: remove do_kernel_link_vmlinux from SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS
  kernel-yocto.bbclass: move do_kernel_link_vmlinux() into kernel.bbclass

Aníbal Limón (1):
  DpkgRootfs: Fix logcheck_error false-positive when use multilib

Armin Kuster (1):
  openssh: CVE-2016-1907

Awais Belal (1):
  dhcp: search libxml2 for bind

Bruce Ashfield (1):
  linux-yocto: introduce v4.4 standard/preempt-rt/standard kernel

Chen Qi (8):
  bitbake.conf: remove 'stamp-base'
  pciutils: upgrade to 3.4.1
  resolvconf: upgrade to 1.78
  kmod: upgrade to 22
  at: upgrade to 3.18
  sysstat: upgrade to 11.2.0
  xz: upgrade to 5.2.2
  curl: upgrade to 7.46

Christopher Larson (4): use absolute upd-alt paths
  opkg-utils: add update-alternatives PACKAGECONFIG
  systemd: add myhostname to nsswitch.conf
  systemd: arrange for volatile /etc/resolv.conf

Dengke Du (1):
  ncurses: 5.9 0 -> 6.0

Dmitry Rozhkov (1):
  libarchive: Add bsdtar and bsdcpio packages

Ed Bartosh (11):
  meta: rename perl-native-runtime
  bitbake.conf: rename python-native-runtime
  wic: add partition module
  wic: add kickstart parser module
  wic: use new kickstart parser
  wic: remove pykickstart code
  wic: adjust code for new data structure
  wic: get rid of get_timeout getter
  wic: get rid of get_rootfs and set_rootfs
  wic: get rid of set_size and set_source_file setters
  wic: get rid of 2 getters

Elliot Smith (1):
  toaster.bbclass: Separate artifact dump from image file dump

Enrico Jorns (1):
  autoconf: add missing perl-module-file-find to RDEPENDS

Haris Okanovic (1):
  tzdata: Make /etc/timezone optional

Hongxu Jia (10):
  dbus: support large-file for stat64 add missing RDEPENDS
  dhcp: 4.3.2 -> 4.3.3
  elfutils: 0.163 -> 0.164
  xmlto: 0.0.26 -> 0.0.28
  libgcrypt: 1.6.3 -> 1.6.4
  man-pages: 4.02 -> 4.04
  help2man-native: 1.47.1 -> 1.47.3
  gnupg: 2.1.7 -> 2.1.10
  pax-utils: 1.0.5 -> 1.1.4

Ioan-Adrian Ratiu (2):
  util-linux: create util-linux-runuser package
  util-linux: create util-linux-runuser iff pam in DISTRO_FEATURES

Jackie Huang (1):
  license.bbclass: fix license manifest

Jianxun Zhang (1):
  kernel/kernel-arch: Explicitly mapping between i386/x86_64 and x86 for kerne

Joshua Lock (1):
  wic/ document requirements for valid fstab generation

Jussi Kukkonen (9):
  gpgme: upgrade to 1.6.0
  gsettings-desktop-schemas: upgrade to 3.19.3
  libcroco: upgrade to 0.6.11
  libevdev: upgrade to 1.4.6
  libgpg-error: upgrade to 1.21
  librsvg: upgrade to 2.40.13
  libxi: upgrade to 1.7.6
  menu-cache: upgrade to 1.0.1
  xf86-input-evdev: upgrade to 2.10.1

Kai Kang (1):
  glib-2.0: add dependency glib-2.0-native back

Khem Raj (1):
  uclibc: Upgrade to 1.0.10

Li Xin (1): Fix do_patch dependency error

Lukas Bulwahn (1):
  boost: update to 1.60.0

Marek Vasut (2):
  gcc5: Fix build on NIOS2
  u-boot: Update to 2016.01 release

Mariano Lopez (2):
  rpmresolve.c: Fix unfreed pointers that keep DB opened
  Add "CVE:" tag to current patches in OE-core

Mark Hatle (2): Fix preferred provider nativesdk-sdk_prefix-libc-initial
  image.bbclass: Unconditional includes of populate_sdk_ext fails

Martin Jansa (2):
  libbsd: upgrade to 0.8.1
  scripts/create-pull-request: fix git request-pull syntax

Matt Madison (3):
  package_deb.bbclass, cross-canadian.bbclass: DPKG_ARCH mapping function fixes for multilib deb packaging builds
  package_deb.bbclass: add 'Multi-Arch: foreign' tag to allarch packages

Maxin B. John (4):
  bluez5: upgrade to 5.37
  matchbox-keyboard: export GTK_IM_MODULE_FILE location
  connman: upgrade to 1.31
  sqlite3: upgrade to version 3.10.0

Otavio Salvador (1):
  image.bbclass: Handle image base type dependency properly

Paul Eggleton (19):
  scripts/oe-publish-sdk: add missing call to git update-server-info
  classes/populate_sdk_ext: fix cascading from preparation failure
  classes/populate_sdk_ext: disable signature warnings
  devtool: sdk-update: fix not using updateserver config file option
  devtool: sdk-update: fix metadata update step
  devtool: sdk-update: fix error checking
  devtool: sdk-update: add option to skip preparation step
  recipetool: create: lower case name when determining from filename
  recipetool: create: support creating standalone native/nativesdk recipes
  devtool: reset: do clean for multiple recipes at once with -a
  devtool: add: support adding a native variant
  devtool: refactor code for getting local recipe file
  devtool: reset: support recipes with BBCLASSEXTEND
  devtool: build: support using BBCLASSEXTENDed names
  classes/populate_sdk_ext.bbclass: handle if local.conf doesn't end with a ne
  classes/populate_sdk_ext: support auto.conf
  classes/buildhistory: save auto.conf and bblayers.conf for extensible SDK
  classes/populate_sdk_ext: check that extensible SDK prepared correctly
  classes/populate_sdk_ext: avoid unnecessary sstate being brought in

Peter Kjellerstedt (6):
  useradd-staticids.bbclass: Treat mutually exclusive options as such
  useradd-staticids.bbclass: Make --no-user-group have effect
  useradd-staticids.bbclass: Simplify some logic
  useradd-staticids.bbclass: Simplify the logic for when to add groups
  useradd-staticids.bbclass: Read passwd/group files before parsing
  useradd-staticids.bbclass: Remove unnecessary spaces

Randy Witt (1):
  populate_sdk_ext: Pass excluded_targets as a list to prune_lockedsigs

Richard Purdie (15):
  sstatesig: Handle special case of gcc-source shared-workdir for printdiff
  populate_sdk_ext: Use new --setscene-only option to bitbake instead of worka
  image.bbclass: Separate out image generation into a new task, do_image
  image: Move pre/post process commands to bbclass
  image: Create separate tasks for rootfs construction
  classes: Fix do_rootfs references
  populate_sdk: Switch from bzip2 to xz
  populate_sdk_ext: Change to include siginfo and non sstate task sigs
  gdb: upgrade to 7.10.1
  lttng-modules: Upgrade to 2.7.1
  lttng-tools: Upgrade to 2.7.1
  lttng-ust: Upgrade to 2.7.1
  subversion: Upgrade 1.9.2 -> 1.9.3
  insane/package: Fix cases where QA errors aren't fatal
  image/image-live: Add back IMAGE_TYPES_MASKED support

Robert Yang (12):
  cogl-1.0: fix may be used uninitialized error
  qt4: fix-for-mips-n32.patch: remove it
  autogen-native: 5.18.5 -> 5.18.6
  file: 5.24 -> 5.25
  git: 2.5.0 -> 2.7.0
  wget: 1.17 -> 1.17.1
  iputils: s20121221 -> s20151218
  less: 479 -> 481
  rsync: 3.1.1 -> 3.1.2 use relative path to run configure
  autotools.bbclass: use relative path to run configure script
  e2fsprogs: 1.42.9 -> 1.43 (master)

Ross Burton (5):
  bitbake.conf: add virtual/libiconv-native to ASSUME_PROVIDED
  freetype: enable out-of-tree builds, and use host zlib
  update_font_cache: only scan system font directories
  tzdata: remove bashism
  python3: add missing dependency on PN-misc to PN-modules

Tanu Kaskinen (1):
  alsa-lib: 1.0.29 -> 1.1.0

Yi Zhao (3):
  oeqa/runtime/smart: fix hardcoded root directory
  oeqa/runtime/logrotate: fix hardcoded root directory
  local.conf.sample: add qemumips64

Changelog for meta-openembedded:

Dai Caiyun (2):
  lvm2: 2.02.125 -> 2.02.138
  libsmi: 0.4.8 -> 0.5.0

Koen Kooi (1):
  mariadb: -native also needs gold workaround

Li xin (1):
  xterm: 308 -> 320

Maciej Borzecki (1):
  mozjs: fix linking issues on i586

Martin Jansa (7):
  netmap-modules: fix build with kernel < 3.17
  cifs-utils: add PACKAGECONFIG for pam
  cifs-utils: add PACKAGECONFIG for cifsidmap
  recipes: remove recipes using or depending on qt4 bbclasses or recipes
  gspd: disable qt4 support by default
  navit: disable qt4 support by default
  gnome-desktop: don't try to copy omf.make

Pascal Bach (1):
  poco: Add recipe for POCO C++ library

Changelog for meta-angstrom:

Changelog for meta-arago:

Denys Dmytriyenko (1):
  branding-core: re-enable AUTOREV-ed recipes after release

Changelog for meta-atmel:

Changelog for meta-beagleboard:

Changelog for meta-browser:

Changelog for meta-bug:

Changelog for meta-chicken:

Changelog for meta-efikamx:

Changelog for meta-ettus:

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm:

Carlos Rafael Giani (1):
  gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx: Update to version 0.12.0

Otavio Salvador (2):
  imx-gpu-viv: Use auto package splitting of .debug files
  qt4: Move BSP related bbappend files to dynamic layer

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm-extra:

Changelog for meta-fsl-ppc:

Changelog for meta-guacamayo:

Changelog for meta-gumstix:

Changelog for meta-gumstix-community:

Changelog for meta-handheld:

Changelog for meta-igep:

Changelog for meta-intel:

Rahul Kumar Gupta (3):
  meta-isg: dpdk: Upgrade DPDK v2.1.0 to DPDK v2.2.0
  meta-isg: dpdk: retire older ver v2.0.0 and v1.8.0
  meta-isg: dpdk v2.2.0: rename the patches used

Changelog for meta-ivi:

Changelog for meta-java:

Henning Heinold (2):
  finally and much to late annouce the move of meta-java
  correct new location

Changelog for meta-jetson-tk1:

Changelog for meta-kde:

Changelog for meta-micro:

Changelog for meta-mono:

Changelog for meta-netbookpro:

Changelog for meta-nodejs:

Changelog for meta-nslu2:

Changelog for meta-opie:

Changelog for meta-qt3:

Changelog for meta-qt5:

Andreas Müller (1):
  qtscript/qtwebkit: disable thumb for armv4 and armv5 only to fix segfault on

Cleiton Bueno (1):
  qtwebengine: Fix error, media_capture_devices_dispatcher.cpp a

Javier Viguera (1):
  qtconnectivity, qtsystems: fix bluetooth support

Samuli Piippo (1):
  qt5: add extra path to qmlplugins

Changelog for meta-slugos:

Changelog for meta-systemd:

Changelog for meta-raspberrypi:

Changelog for meta-smartphone:

Martin Jansa (1):

Changelog for meta-ti:

Changelog for meta-webos:

Changelog for meta-xilinx:

Changelog for meta-yocto:

Ross Burton (1):
  conf/distro/poky-tiny: correctly disable python in opkg-utils

Saul Wold (1):
  linux-yocto: Update Genericx86* BSPs to 4.1.15

Yi Zhao (1):
  local.conf.sample: add qemumips64

Changelog for openembedded:

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