Changelog since 2016-02-28 until 2016-03-06.  Projects included in this report:

bitbake: git://
openembedded-core: git://
meta-openembedded: git://
meta-angstrom: git://
meta-arago: git://
meta-beagleboard: git://
meta-browser: git://
meta-bug: git://
meta-chicken: git://
meta-efikamx: git://
meta-fsl-arm: git://
meta-fsl-arm-extra: git://
meta-fsl-ppc: git://
meta-guacamayo: git://
meta-gumstix: git://
meta-handheld: git://
meta-intel: git://
meta-ivi: git://
meta-java: git://
meta-kde: git://
meta-micro: git://
meta-mono: git://
meta-netbookpro: git://
meta-nslu2: git://
meta-opie: git://
meta-qt3: git://
meta-qt5: git://
meta-slugos: git://
meta-systemd: git://
meta-raspberrypi: git://
meta-ti: git://
meta-webos: git://
meta-xilinx: git://
meta-yocto: git://
openembedded: git://

Changelog for bitbake:

Alexander Shashkevich (1):
  fetch2: fixes copying of file://dir; subdir=foo, bug 6128 and bug 6129

Brendan Le Foll (2):
  npm: in cases where shrinkwrap resolved a git URL, ignore it and grab dist.t
  fetch2/npm: Add missing ParameterError import

Richard Purdie (1):
  fetch2: Fix unpack for absolute file urls

Scott Rifenbark (3):
  bitbake-user-manual: Enhance environment variable discussion.
  bitbake-user-manual: Added note for Python variable ref expansion.
  bitbake-user-manual: Added expand() function to list.

bavery (1):
  hob: removal of hob ui and associated ui files

brian avery (2):
  ui: remove the puccho ui
  toaster: cleanup of bin/toaster startup code

Changelog for openembedded-core:

Alejandro Hernandez (3):
  eudev: Replaces udev with eudev for compatibility when using sysvinit on new
  libgudev: Fix for new eudev implementation
  usbutils: Fix for new eudev implementation

Andre McCurdy (6): limit ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET over-rides to armv4/
  harfbuzz: update 1.2.1 -> 1.2.3 dont export TARGET_CFLAGS etc to grub2 configure avoid passing -isystem to native builds drop bogus dependency on xz
  eudev: recipe formatting improvements

Armin Kuster (1):
  openssl: Security fix Drown via 1.0.2g update

Bruce Ashfield (8):
  linux-yocto/4.1: Galileo updates
  linux-yocto/4.1: clkdev updates
  linux-yocto/4.1: update to 4.1.18
  linux-yocto/4.4: yaffs2 build fixes
  linux-yocto: braswell: Remove feature and move DRM_I915_PRELIMINARY_HW_SUPPO
  linux-yocto/4.4: update to -stable 4.4.2
  linux-yocto/4.1: iwlwifi: mvm: don't allow sched scans without matches to be
  linux-yocto/4.4: update to 4.4.3

Chen Qi (1):
  insane.bbclass: make the checking stricter for unsafe references in scripts

Christopher Larson (1):
  populate_sdk_base: handle empty SDK_PACKAGING_FUNC

Dmitry Rozhkov (1):
  libarchive: Set xattrs after setting times

Ed Bartosh (1):
  bootimg: set default value for LABELS variable

Jagadeesh Krishnanjanappa (2):
  cantarell-fonts: Add recipe
  pango: make ${PN}-ptest RDEPENDS on cantarell-fonts

Jonathan Liu (1):
  e2fsprogs: do not enable non-stable features by default

Joseph A. Lutz (1):
  automake: don't delete .pyc files

Juro Bystricky (2): Fix undefined variable Enable local sdk-update tests

Mariano Lopez (1):
  dhcp: CVE-2015-8605

Mark Hatle (1):
  gcc: Add support for atomic opertions (libitm) where available

Patrick Ohly (1):
  combo-layer: handle empty commits during "init --history"

Paul Eggleton (8):
  classes/module: allow substitution of the modules_install target name
  classes/populate_sdk_ext: prepend to PATH rather than appending
  classes/externalsrc: fix symlinking if symlink exists pointing to another pa
  recipetool: create: add support for out-of-tree kernel modules
  recipetool: create: add basic support for generating linux kernel recipes
  recipetool: create: add basic support for new npm fetcher/class
  devtool: build-image: rename module
  devtool: add build-sdk subcommand

Peter Kjellerstedt (1):
  sanity: Do not mistake meta-yocto-bsp for meta-yocto

Randy Witt (2):
  populate_sdk_ext: Delete the buildtools tar file after installation
  populate_sdk_ext: Only write LCONF_VERSION to bblayers if it is set

Richard Purdie (5):
  sanity: Fix int verses string reference
  layer.conf: Whitelist cantarell-fonts fontconfig dependency
  sato/images: Add ptest image
  layer.conf: Update after replacement of udev with eudev
  oeqa/buildoptions: Improve unsafe references tests

Robert Yang (2):
  syslinux.bbclass: make vm and live can be built together
  sanity.bbclass: remove conflict checking for image vm and live

Ross Burton (1):
  cracklib: fix Python packaging

Changelog for meta-openembedded:

Andrea Adami (4):
  linux-yocto-tiny-kexecboot: revert Yocto specific console check
  kexecboot: sync fix for gcc5 with upstream
  kexecboot: enable text UI in default EXTRA_OECONF.
  linux-yocto-tiny-kexecboot: fix build error (cpio not found)

Andreas Müller (6):
  gtkmathview: fix and unblacklist
  abiword: unblacklist - gtkmathview is back building
  geany: update to 1.26
  plymouth: fix empty plymouth-initrd after oe-core's libexec path transition
  network-manager-applet: update to 1.0.10
  cppunit: fix loads of host-user-contaminated warnings

Armin Kuster (3):
  acpitool: Add package
  php: update to 5.6.18 and 6.6.32
  xerces-c: Package update, QA fix and CVE-2016-0729

Christopher Larson (1):
  lowpan-tools: add missing flex/bison deps

George McCollister (1):
  lldpd: use bash-completion.bbclass

Hongxu Jia (1):
  postfix: fix clean broken issue

Jackie Huang (3):
  ncftp: fix build failures with ccdv
  iscsitarget: split the kernel module into separate package
  waf-samba.bbclass: add cross-answers option and files

Joe MacDonald (1):
  Revert "netmap-modules: Modules may not have the same arch as userspace"

Jonathan Liu (2):
  nodejs: update to 4.3.1
  nodejs: update to 4.3.2

Kai Kang (1):
  samba: update systemd service files

Mark Asselstine (1):
  ntp: remove empty libexecdir to prevent potential QA issues

Martin Jansa (5):
  opencv: blacklist, not compatible with currently used ffmpeg 3
  mplayer2: blacklist, not compatible with currently used ffmpeg 3
  gst-ffmpeg: blacklist, not compatible with currently used ffmpeg 3
  webkit-efl: blacklist, webkit-efl is old and unmaintained fork with security
  recipes: Replace "cp -a" with "cp -R --no-dereference --preserve=mode,links"

Maxin B. John (1):
  gpsd: Fix build when static libs disabled

Randy MacLeod (1):
  lldpd: fix PN -> BPN SRC_URI for multilib build

Richard Purdie (1):
  inetutils: Fix build when static libs disabled

Robert Yang (4):
  nbd: use BPN in Files
  cim-schema-exper: fix host-user-contaminated
  ctdb: add PACKAGECONFIG for libtdb
  netkit-ftp: fixed invalid symlink

Roy Li (1):
  ebtables: enable KERNEL_64_USERSPACE_32 for powerpc

Ruslan Bilovol (1):
  wireshark: update SRC_URI link to sources (1):
  samba: Fix typo in PACKAGECONFIG for "acl" and "aio"

Changelog for meta-angstrom:

Changelog for meta-arago:

Anand Balagopalakrishnan (2):
  img-pvr-sdk: SGX demo binaries for Wayland and DRM for all platforms
  img-pvr-sdk: bump PR for srcrev change

Denys Dmytriyenko (4):
  timestamping: add timestamping tool to test PTP
  packagegroup-arago-test: add timestamping
  init-ifupdown: pass udhcpc_opts to eth0 for easy configuration
  busybox: stop hardcoding default udhcpc parameters, now in interfaces file

Gou, Hongmei (1):
  tisdk-server-extra-rootfs-image: add multimedia packagegroup

Jacob Stiffler (2):
  ti-tisdk-setup: Add support for create_ubifs script
  tisdk-install: Insert SDK path into ubifs script

Ross Burton (1):
  doxygen: add API documentation generation tool

Sam Nelson (1):
  doxygen: Update to new version (8):
  conf: enable wayland/drm support for AM3
  matrix: enable corresponding 3D demos including kmscube for AM3
  dual-camera-demo: Re-enable on AM4 to run outside of Weston
  gstreamer-plugins-bad: Enable waylandsink plus mouse movement support for AM
  weston: Add Virtual keyboard patch
  kmscube: Enhance and enable this demo for AM3
  ti-tisdk-makefile: Replace PVR_NULLDRM and PLATFORM_OMAPDRM with TARGET_PROD
  weston-conf: Update output name at weston.ini for ti43x per weston 1.9

Changelog for meta-atmel:

Changelog for meta-beagleboard:

Changelog for meta-browser:

Andreas Müller (1):
  firefox: fix install for oe-core master and cleanup packaging

Martin Jansa (1):
  Revert "Fix checksums missed in Firefox 38.6.1esr update."

Changelog for meta-bug:

Changelog for meta-chicken:

Changelog for meta-efikamx:

Changelog for meta-ettus:

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm:

Martin Jansa (1):
  qtbase: Allow to build eglfs with x11 in DISTRO_FEATURES

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm-extra:

Ian Coolidge (2):
  linux-boundary (3.14.28): Bump SRCREV to ae977d1
  linux-boundary: Sync defconfig with latest boundary_defconfig

Changelog for meta-fsl-ppc:

Adrian Dudau (1):
  linux-qoriq: check $WORKDIR for config fragments

Zhenhua Luo (2):
  apptrk: fix the QA issue of debug symbol check
  rename udev to eudev to align with change in poky

Changelog for meta-guacamayo:

Changelog for meta-gumstix:

Changelog for meta-gumstix-community:

Changelog for meta-handheld:

Changelog for meta-igep:

Changelog for meta-intel:

California Sullivan (1):
  linux-yocto/4.4: Update to linux 4.4.3

Saul Wold (1): Update INTRD to INITRD_LIVE

Changelog for meta-ivi:

Changelog for meta-java:

Changelog for meta-jetson-tk1:

Changelog for meta-kde:

Changelog for meta-micro:

Changelog for meta-mono:

Ioan-Adrian Ratiu (1):
  recipes-mono: fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUM URI

Changelog for meta-netbookpro:

Changelog for meta-nodejs:

Ilkka Myller (16):
  gulp: 3.9.1
  Removed io.js recipes and RCONFLICTS with nodejs
  Removed references to io.js in
  Removed unmaintained semver-minor releases and updated documentation
  Updated with Node.js LTS schedule
  RPROVIDES iojs with Node.js LTS release
  Merge pull request #26 from imyller/semver-major-only
  Merge pull request #25 from imyller/iojs-deprecation
  Cleaned up recipe includes
  Added nodejs-lts recipe alias
  Merge pull request #27 from imyller/inc-cleanup
  2016-03-02, Version 4.3.2 'Argon' (LTS)
  2016-03-02, Version 5.7.1 (Stable)
  2016-03-04 Version 0.10.43 (Maintenance) Release
  2016-03-03 Version 0.12.11 (LTS) Release

Changelog for meta-nslu2:

Changelog for meta-opie:

Changelog for meta-qt3:

Changelog for meta-qt5:

Martin Jansa (1):
  gdb: include readline in default PACKAGECONFIG

Changelog for meta-slugos:

Changelog for meta-systemd:

Changelog for meta-raspberrypi:

Changelog for meta-smartphone:

Herrie (1): Fix license typo

Martin Jansa (7):
  avahi*: remove unnecessary bbappends
  atd-over-fso: add explicit EXTRA_OEMAKE
  invensense: include both built libraries in ${PN} not ${PN}-dev
  recipes: Replace "cp -a" with "cp -R --no-dereference --preserve=mode,links"
  bcm4330-firmware, samsung-tuna-firmware: Fix license typos

Changelog for meta-ti:

Anand Balagopalakrishnan (4):
  omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux: register PVR service for autostart on boot
  omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux: bump SRCREV for bug fixes in Wayland EGL
  omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux: remove version as replaced by 1.14.3699939
  omapdrm_pvr: remove version 1.9.2253347 as replaced by 1.14.3699939

Denys Dmytriyenko (3):
  linux-ti-staging: update with platform, connectivity and rpmsg fixes
  u-boot-ti-staging: update with latest HS, K2 and AM4 fixes
  linux-ti-staging: update with latest A/D, connectivity and rpmsg fixes

Jacob Stiffler (4):
  linux: cmem: k2g-evm: Add CMEM regions for k2g-evm
  common-csl-ip-rtos: Add support for k2g-evm
  openmp-rtos: Bump version to and add k2g-evm
  multiprocmgr: Add SRCREV

Sam Nelson (2):
  ti-ipc: Update to GA version IPC 3.42
  multiprocmgr: Update to new verison (2):
  omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux: Add plugins list
  omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux: Add INSANE_SKIP list for plugins

Changelog for meta-webos:

Changelog for meta-xilinx:

Manjukumar Matha (1):
  tune-zynq: Change ABI to hard-float with thumb

Nathan Rossi (13):
  qemu_2.5%.bbappend: Create bbappend for arm64 patches Add support to use kernel source tree includes Move zynq7-base.dtsi into recipe source
  qemuzynq: Rework device tree to use kernel source include
  qemuzynq: Remove older device-trees
  kc705-trd-microblazeel: Move device tree to device-tree recipe
  microzed-zynq7: Rework device tree to use kernel source include
  picozed-zynq7: Rework device tree to use kernel source include
  zc702-zynq7: Switch over to in kernel device tree
  zedboard-zynq7: Switch over to in kernel device tree
  zc706-zynq7: Switch over to in kernel device tree
  zybo-zynq7: Switch over to in kernel device tree
  machine-xilinx-*.inc: Remove default append for 'device-tree'

Changelog for meta-yocto:

Alejandro Hernandez (1): Add new eudev package and change maintainership for udev

Kevin Hao (1):
  meta-yocto-bsp: bump to linux-yocto 4.4 for the non-x86 BSPs

Changelog for openembedded:

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