I tried importing Ng2 charts for Released Version of Angular 2 . The 
commands to add ng2 charts in nodes_module is giving me a whole bunch of 
 errors.  Please refer screenshot below.  Is anyone facing the same error ? 
 is Ng2 Supported with release version of Angular 2?

   * npm **install ng2-charts --save*

    *npm install chart.js --save*


On Thursday, 15 September 2016 19:54:19 UTC+5:30, Santosh Pillai wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks for your time. Yes, created this project with angular2-cli tool.
> It works fine now with RC 6, I'm able to use Ng 2 charts. Now, I would try 
> this out with latest (Released) version of Angular2.
> Thanks.
> On Monday, 12 September 2016 12:51:03 UTC+5:30, Zlatko Đurić wrote:
>> Did you create this project with angular2-cli tool? Did you change the 
>> System.js config default stuff? Because the  ` *const map: any = { 
>> **'ng2-charts': 
>> 'vendor/ng2-charts'**  };` *part should, by default, be done in 
>> `src/app/system-config.ts`. You already have a System.config({ map, 
>> packages }) there. Try simply adding ng2-charts there instead of 
>> index.html, it could work.
>> Also, a side note, you can install chart.js with npm too, to avoid the 
>> extra CDN link.

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