Am trying to add required to an input element in my form.
However, the form is dynamic.If I put the element manually in the page it 
works,but if i use the $compile it doesn't work.

My Html:

  <div style="padding-left:20px; padding-right:20px">
    <ng-form name="Myform">
                    <div id="appendHere"></div>
                    <button   type="submit" ng-disabled="Myform.$invalid"  
class="btn btn-primary">Save</button>

My Controlles js:

   'use strict';
    myapp.controller("CompileController", ["$scope", "$compile", 
        function ($scope, $compile) {
     var $result = $("<ng-form name='form'><div 
class='form-group'><h5><label class='col-xs-2 col-form-label'>Absence 
Status</label></h5><div class='col-xs-10'><input class='form-control' 
required  name='AbsenceStatus' type='text' 

Any help would be highly appreciated. I am using angularjs 1.5.8.


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