Hi all,

Can someone please explain the proper way of handle Angular2 app with 
number of interconnected components.

Let's take a specific easy example. Angular app, page contains:
- table of records (tr *ngFor....)
- filter input box, where user can type some part of the text and only 
matching records are displayed in the table above (input type text...)
- pager component, that shows allows to choose a cut of records to show in 
the table (custom component).
- choice of records to show per page (select option 10, 25, 50...)
- there could be more connections, like table sorters, incoming feed from 
network, ...

All these components are interconnected to each other. For example
If user enters filtering text => number of applicable records change => 
pager needs to adjust the active page and list of available pages => 
records shown in the table change.
If user changes # of records to show => pager needs to adjust active and 
available pages  => records shown in the table change.

Now the problem is that this multi-level dependency results occasional 
"Expression has changed after it was checked" error.
I tried to check how others have solved it just to find that there are open 
defects about similar problems for projects like ng2-bootstrap, ng2-table 
and more.

So, can someone please explain what is the proper way to implement such app 
with Angular2?

Please do not suggest to use enableProdMode, this is not a solution, it 
just hides the error


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